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Sunday 23rd June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇭🇺 Hungary

kick-off 8pm

Pittodrie Management

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Yet again at Pittodrie, we have been let down by the Management team.


Year after year the scenario we are facing happens at the club.


When are we going to sort this whole mess out to save losing half our team, by staggering contracts?


Three year deals, at least, should be getting offered, and we then should be speaking to the player at least 18 months into it, to enable the club to gauge the feeling of the player. If it is felt the player wants to move on, we can get them transfer listed and sold on, thus enabling the club to benefit from a transfer fee.


Again, it looks like we are going to be losing some very important players in the squad, and with the likely outcome that we will receive very little, if anything, back in return.


The club is being run by amateurs.


I'm sick of it!




What a mess.

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Yeah they were offered 3 year deals, but who was the last player to sign for the club who was offered any more than a 2 year deal?


Offering only 2 year deals cuts down the number of players who are available for signing for the club, as most clubs offer 3 year deals.


A 2 year deal only enables the club to get one season out of the player before they are in the last year of their contrract....thus only 6 months before being able to sign a pre-contract agreement with another club.

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My frustration on the whole situation cannot be expressed coherently. (no change there then)?! This smacks of amateurism I reckon caldo is trying tio figure out if he has to rebuild his squad from scratch, and probably in a worse situation than when he first came to Aberdeen.If so he will leave.  If this was any other company about to loose its most valuable assests there would be sackings and "mutual agreements" at a senior level, but cos its a football club, these numbskulls get away with it time and time again!!!  AAAAAARRRRRGGGHHH!!!!

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I've seen nothing since the Copenhagen game that warrants any contracts being upped.  Zander and Nicolson have 'it' but seem to go through spells of showing it, the other two could be replaced easily enough.


I see Miller is also beginning to noise up an improved deal.  Well fuck him too, as he seems to have reverted to wearing his slippers and falling over anytime someone is near him.


As the management team said a few years ago, we only want players who want to play for the club.  There's plenty of players out there who'd love to be swapping shirts at full time with Frank Ribery, Oliver Kahn, Luis Garcia, Jose Antonio Reyes and Jesper Grønkjær.

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Deals will be done but not for all 4.


Zander will fetch an OK transfer fee but I'd rather he stay.

Miller is our top scorer this season and until something comes along to improve on things we need him.

Hart is a rock in our defense that cannot be let go.

Clark can go; it's a plain as that.


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