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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

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Who killed Bambi?


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These quotes concerned me: -


Wow this is like the early days of AFC Chat (or any internet message board for that matter).


I know you're not supposed to criticize him on here, but fucksake langfield. Shat it at the goal. Taylor made a cunt of things before that but a keeper should be out and right through the forward there.


I remember a day when you could have a laff, when you could say whatever you wanted to on AFC forums.


I remember that DT posters were horrified of any criticism of the orange man, Blunderwood, the man who never got a gig after fan power at AFC got rid of the fat cunt.


Am I hearing this right? We're not allowed to criticise the worst keeper in our 111 year history?


Was Mr Widdows expressing surprise that one poster thought another was a total dick?


Is this not allowed? Or is it the case that the dick in question was a mod/admin/whatever?


Perhaps the people who have overseen the demise of this site should inwardly reflect.


There were great minds on DT once upon a time. Where the fuck is TF and fj and jager and ST and CtS these days?


The onus of proof is on those who watched it die, who let it die and who helped it die.


Surely it wasn't the classic model... was it?


Cunts with zero authority and influence in real life getting a bit of virtual power and fucking it up for the rest of us?


It's like post office workers or labourers who "graduate" to golf club captaincy. Dickhead fish out of their water.


I am reminded of William: -


Man, proud man,

Dressed in a little brief authority,

Most ignorant of what he’s most assured -

His glassy essence - like an angry ape,

Plays such fantastic tricks before high heaven

As make the angels weep.


Measure For Measure. Act II, Scene II


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I think you may be overreacting just a wee bit here R_S.


Certainly quieter on here but I don't think any opinions are being withheld because of any moderation.


I'm just bored with AFC as of now, and totally pissed off that the live game chat has been so totally fucked up as to be unusable. Was a stable of any Dons game day for me and I suspect many others.


I think it's quieter because some arseholes have grown up and are ashamed of their posting history, because some people have drifted away (much like the Dons support until we made a final!) and, in my case, I am in a different timezone, and can't really comment on games as have being there, or on the whole feel of how things "AFC" are because I am so detached now.


You think 12:45 games are bad, that's 0645 for me. Standard games are 0900, evening games, through the week, I'm at work, nae much I can do about that.


I will be a Don till I die, but, realistically often there is not much of value I can input into the football forums these days (yeah I know it didn't stop me in the past) so hence I post a lot less.


I hope DT is here forever, but like all live it evolves.....

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Nae over-reacting min. Just expressing opinion... or at least, a point of view to be considered, dissected, chewed over and spat out.


Thanks for your response. I'm not sure that a Dons forum is as linked to AFC as we might think. For me, the greatest fun was always the off topic, where cunts like us who had AFC in common spoke shit, thought out loud and got a hoot.


I fucking hate establishment cunts, and wannabe power-brokers. My question was more on how good these cunts are at kenning the score. I know I got banned all the time. How many others are they dissuading from their over-zealous sense of their own importance?


Maybe it's fuck all to do with the moderating. I don't know. I just hate establishment cunts personally so will always target them in the first instance. Maybe every cunt got bored, I don't know. But when a mod/admin/whatever-the-fuck calls me out for being a wild conspiracy theorist and a thought-polis and yet admits to be so fucking stupid that he couldn't make his mind up on a big issue, I would tend to believe that arseholes like him may have stifled free debate rather than encouraged it.

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TBH honest, I can't think of anyone else that got banned other than yourself R_S and even then, you've always been allowed back in after a brief period of standing in the corner with the dunce's cap on.  I'd be amazed if the moderators were/are to be blamed for the place being a bit quieter these days.


There was definitely a rift between posters when the Calderwood thing blew up, that was very much when a large portion of when people walked.  But again, I think that was them that chose to go rather than being punted.


A lot of what Madbad says rings true for me; I grew up, I got married, I had kids, I'm in a different/difficult time zone, I have more important things to be doing that sitting on the web all day and I find it difficult to have the same passion for AFC as I once did as I've never seen the current squad in the flesh.


I post now and then to help keep it ticking over.


Nothing ever lasts for ever.


C'est la vie.

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I don't think it's fair to blame over-zealous moderation or administration for DT being quiet. The thing that I like about DT Talk is that you can more or less say anything. Ok, some folk may disagree with you and call you a name but you won't get banned for it. I know you've been banned a couple of times before and in all honesty I can't remember the particular reasons. It used to be the case that if someone got banned it was discussed by admins/mods first before anything was done. And the majority had to be in agreement before someone was punted. The only folk I can remember getting bans were Stoney, Minijc and of course Rocket. All 3 are now welcome to post here again.


The reason it's quiet? I'd say the reason that it's quiet is because it's too quiet. Sounds odd, doesn't it. But The likes of FJ and Dave_Min post more on AFC Chat (I guess) because there's a lot more going on. the more regular members that we can retain the more likely we are to get new regulars.


Then again if you believe what's posted on the Hat the main reason for this place being quiet is because on two occasions the forum crashed and a lot of posts and members were lost each time. If folk weren't put off after the 1st crash they definitely were by the 2nd one.  It's a shame but it may take Hat doing the same thing for us to poach back some regular posters.


No one said you can't criticize Calderwood? Or Langfield? You can say what you like (within reason). As long as you're prepared for folk to disagree (as is their right) although you'll get nothing but agreement from me regarding Calderwood and Clangers. Fucking hopeless.


Your debate with Dandy_Don has nothing to do with the fact that he's an admin (founded the forum in fact) but merely down to your differing viewpoints on the Yes/No campaigns. It's strange because essentially you both agree. Didn't D_D say he'd have votes yes if he'd been here? 

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Yes, you're all right. It is nothing to do with moderating. It's more basic than that.


Possible reasons for nothing interesting being posted on AFC forums include this, that and the other.


As it is futile to identify those possibilities, the ship having sailed and only morons left to speculate, I think I'll be having Thai beef salad for tea. I might even buy some red Schloer.

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