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New-look Marischal Square


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width=500 height=300http://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/polopoly_fs/1.301970.1396591895!/image/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/box_620/image.jpg[/img]


Images of the planned new look for the site of the former Aberdeen City Council headquarters have been unveiled.


Muse Developments was chosen to deliver the new £107m shape of the St Nicholas House area.


Demolition work is ongoing, and the aim is for the scheme - including pedestrianisation of part of Broad Street - to be completed in 2017.


The plans are being lodged later this month.


The vision includes offices with 250 car spaces, civic spaces, a 125-bed four-star hotel, and restaurants.

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“Start Quote


    Whatever your views on the Marischal Square proposals, I would encourage the Aberdeen public to make them known”


Marie Boulton Deputy council leader


The full Marischal Square plans and images can be seen at Aberdeen Art Gallery on Friday and Saturday, then in the reception area of Marischal College from Monday until 17 April.


Muse's regional director for Scotland, Steve Turner, said: "The Marischal Square proposal fulfils the vision of the city's Bon Accord master plan by providing a new civic square, creating a fitting setting for Marischal College, as well as delivering a vibrant new mixed-use development in keeping with Aberdeen's justifiable position as one of the UK's leading business destinations.


"Marischal Square has the potential to make a long-term impact on the local economy and it is vital the city has the right mix of office and commercial space to capitalise on the opportunities that will arise.


"We will be replacing the former St Nicholas House building with new office and commercial buildings that will respect the city's granite history and be no more than seven storeys high, and that again is something the public were keen to see reflected in Marischal Square."

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Interesting to see how the removal of cars from Broad Street affects rush hour traffic at the Mount houley (sp) Roundabout.


This has been going on so long now (they even gave this to me at my final year of uni back in 2003/04) and they are still going on about this 'civic square' bullshit.


of course it wouldn't be Aberdeen if there weren't going to be more shops



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Vue is still open (and is much better than Cineworld IMHO).  I don't think the city could sustain another multiplex though.  I presume this is Bon Accord Centre trying to compete with Union Square.



Agreed. If Vue did a loyalty card and had free parking I'd never go to Cineworld.

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I walked round this the other day now that they have opened it up. It’s not THAT bad, at least not as bad as feared. The leopard is very impressive.


That said, they’ve cocked up something to do with Provost Skene’s house and the opening has been delayed a year - rumours of the foundations being fucked as a result of the nearby construction.


Also they’ve moved the Xmas market to Broad St and it’s fucking abysmal and tiny.

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I walked round this the other day now that they have opened it up. It’s not THAT bad, at least not as bad as feared. The leopard is very impressive.


It's a steaming pile of absolute cunt. It's a fucking wind tunnel that entirely ruins the area. A glass box of fuckery that nae cunt will rent so the public foots the bill.

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