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King of the huns now living in Elgin and making shortbread


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No not Ricky Foster has nae moved back tae his mums, Mikey Carrol has slithered North.




LOTTO lout Mikey Carroll is working in a Scottish biscuit factory.


Carroll, 30, the self-styled King of Chavs who blew every penny of his £10million windfall, is now clocking on at the famous Walkers shortbread factory near Elgin, Moray.


He is living in nearby Urquhart, where locals say he was claiming benefits before he started work

on Monday.


Elgin is 525 miles north of Swaffham, Norfolk, where Carroll lived in his notorious mansion.


He has been in Moray for six months after revealing last year that he had 70p in his bank account.


One local said: ”He’s got the same English accent, though he has lost a lot of weight – that’s why no one recognised him right away – but within short order of him starting, there was no doubt it was him.


“He’s not been anti-social since he’s been here, he’s just got his head down and got on with the job.


“You don’t expect to see a lottery millionaire with the overalls on getting stuck in. Fair play to him.


“He told people he has been on benefits so he’s chuffed to be working and earning.”


Carroll was 19 and claiming £42- a-week Jobseekers Allowance when he scooped £9,736,131 in 2002.


He bought a mansion and soon had neighbours complaining about the demolition derby-style car races he held in the grounds.


Carroll gave away £3million to friends and family and last year, the life-long Rangers fan revealed that he was finally skint.


He had invested £1million in the club and got the cash out before they went into administration – but now he has blown that cash too.


Carroll was portrayed as a sneering lout on a TV documentary that charted his lifestyle.


He said he blew his ­fortune on holidays, handouts to family and friends, cars, bling, drugs and booze.


He still buys lottery tickets in the hope of another big win.


Carroll is thought to be living at a £145,000 two-bedroomed bungalow in Urquhart, apparently owned by his wife Sandra.


He is estranged from Sandra and their daughter Brooke. He also has another child with hairdresser Gemma Peake.


After his lottery win, Carroll ballooned to 22 stone.


But a source in Elgin said: “There is no way he is that weight now.


“He is well below that. He seems much fitter and healthier-looking than he did on the TV.”


Carroll never wanted to spend his fortune quietly – he aimed to rub every resentful person’s nose in it.


The former binman, who was wearing an electronic tag when he bought his winning ticket and has been jailed twice since then, said: “I just went wild for 10 years and now I’m back to reality.


“I’ve experienced more in a decade than most people would in two lifetimes but I’ve no regrets and I’d do it all again.”


In 10 years of excess, Carroll gave away millions to friends and family, paid £750,000 to his ex-wife, spent at least £1.5million on drink and drugs, £1.2million on property, £500,000 on cars, £500,000 on holidays including 100 trips to Spain and £100,000 on jewellery.


Carroll revelled in his notoriety and had the phrase “King of Chavs” emblazoned on the side of his Mercedes van.


He said: “At the height of my drinking, I’d get 20 cases of Stella a time and the local cab firm would keep bottles of vodka and whisky at their office and I’d call their drivers to drop it straight round.


“I was doing £12,000 a week on drugs at the height of the madness. It nearly killed me. I ended up in hospital numerous times.


“When I was smoking crack I collapsed, had a fit and was spewing up blood. I did that 10 or 15 times.


“I’d come round and think nothing had happened because I couldn’t remember, but I’d be like a cripple for two days ­because all my muscles would seize up. I smoked crack, I was eating ecstasy pills and snorting MDMA powder.


“Once when I was doing acid, I was going to the loo and I thought the toilet had jumped up and run away. I thought trees were trying to grab me.


“I smoked heroin but I never liked it. I did pretty much everything else. But not for a few years now.”


Carroll also spent wildly on prostitutes. He said: “I’ve slept with over 4000 women. I once slept with more than 20 in one day.


“I’m ­single at the ­moment, I’ll just take the next s*** as it comes.


“I still get attention from women even though the money’s gone.”

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