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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

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Redweb: Dons Pyjama Party

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width=249 height=212http://www.afc.co.uk/javaImages/4f/7c/0,,10284~10517583,00.jpg[/img]


Angus the Bull yesterday joined Dons players Ryan Jack and Peter Pawlett at Maisie's Children's Centre, Aberdeen, as they proudly handed over a selection of AFC pyjama's to the nursery children.


Aberdeen FC has kindly donated a large quantity of AFC pyjama's to VSA, as they look to brighten the day of those most deserving in our local community.


The red and white pj's will be distributed by VSA through their network of volunteers and centres throughout the City and Shire.


Lynne Duncan, Sales and Marketing Manager at AFC said:


"As a club we are determined to play our part in helping to make things a little brighter for the youngsters of Aberdeen and the Shire.


"Working closely with organisations such as VSA we are delighted to be able to bring a little red and white cheer to those who truly need it"


Director of Fundraising and Communications at VSA, Karen Barlow commented:


"We are absolutely thrilled to receive this gift from AFC and we're delighted to welcome Angus and Ryan and Josh to our newly opened Maisie's Children's Centre to drop the PJs off to the very excited children.


"The relationship that VSA has with Aberdeen Football Club, and other businesses in our community, is so important. We would not be able to provide the best of care to the most vulnerable people in our community without this level of support."


For further information about the help and advice VSA can offer please visit - www.vsa.org.uk

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A rare slip up there old boy. 


+1 to Harcus for highlighting your retard-esque mistake.


[move]FATJIM'S A TUBE!!!1![/move]




How did I slip up?


I think you'll find in this context you can use the words passed or past. I prefer to use passed as opposed to past. I prefer to use past in context of things being in the past.


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I think you'll find that passed is wholly invalid in the context that you originally used it.


You have obviously been carrying this burden for life. Or I have. Pretty certain it's you.


I think you'll find it isn't.


"to go or move onward; proceed."


I didn't proceed any further than the first paragraph ergo I didn't get passed it.






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Passed and past originate from the same word but have gained new meanings through the evolution of language.


Past is used more in the context of time and passed in terms of movement. However that doesn't always constrain them to those meanings. Past can be used in the same way as passed. I prefer not to use it in that way.

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Well I'll be fucked.


Or it's you that's fucked, fucked being a bit fucking strong for an issue that none of us really give a fuck about.


But now that we've started, we should fucking finish.


Right fuckers, fj is rarely wrong and neither am I. Is it me who's passed it?


If you don't give a fuck then why get involved?

It's not something that people tend to know or care about but in this instance I have looked at it before in a situation where I was going to be pedantic only to find out more about both words.


Do a bit of research into the origins of both words and you'll find that I am right.  ;)


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