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Right-wingers are less intelligent than left wingers

glasgow sheep

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Hmm wonder of this can be applied to the donstalk community?


<apologies for a daily mail article.....in fact wtf is this doing in the daily mail?>




Right-wingers are less intelligent than left wingers, says study


    Children with low intelligence grow up to be prejudiced

    Right-wing views make the less intelligent feel 'safe'

    Analysis of more than 15,000 people


By Rob Waugh


Right-wingers tend to be less intelligent than left-wingers, and people with low childhood intelligence tend to grow up to have racist and anti-gay views, says a controversial new study.


Conservative politics work almost as a 'gateway' into prejudice against others, say the Canadian academics.


The paper analysed large UK studies which compared childhood intelligence with political views in adulthood across more than 15,000 people.


The authors claim that people with low intelligence gravitate towards right-wing views because they make them feel safe.


Crucially, people's educational level is not what determines whether they are racist or not - it's innate intelligence, according to the academics.


Social status also appears to play no part.


The study, published in Psychological Science, claims that right-wing ideology forms a 'pathway' for people with low reasoning ability to become prejudiced against groups such as other races and gay people.


Left-wingers tend to be more open-minded says the survey - Democrats voted in first black U.S. president Barack Obama. But right-wing ideology forms a pathway for prejudice - Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney, pictured right, was glitter-bombed yesterday by gay-rights activists because of his views


'Cognitive abilities are critical in forming impressions of other people and in being open minded,' say the researchers.


'Individuals with lower cognitive abilities may gravitate towards more socially conservative right-wing ideologies that maintain the status quo.


'It provides a sense of order.'


The study, by academics at Brock University in Ontario, Canada, used information from two UK studies from 1958 and 1970 , where several thousand children were assessed for intelligence at age 10 and 11, and then asked political questions aged 33.


The 1958 National Child Development involved 4,267 men and 4,537 women born in 1958.


The British Cohort Study involved 3,412 men and 3,658 women born in 1970.


It's the first time the data from these studies has been used in this way.


In adulthood, the children were asked whether they agreed with statements such as, 'I wouldn't mind working with people from other races,' and 'I wouldn't mind if a family of a different race moved next door.'


They were also asked whether they agreed with statements about typically right-wing and socially conservative politics such as, 'Give law breakers stiffer sentences,' and 'Schools should teach children to obey authority.'


The researchers also compared their results against a 1986 American study which included tests of cognitive ability and questions assessing prejudice against homosexuals.


The authors claim that there is a strong correlation between low intelligence both as a child and an adult, and right-wing politics.


The authors also claim that conservative politics is part of a complex relationship that leads people to become prejudices.


'Conservative ideology represents a critical pathway through which childhood intelligence predicts racism in adulthood,' says the paper.


'In psychological terms, the relation between intelligence and prejudice may stem from the propensity of individuals with lower cognitive ability to endorse more right wing conservative ideologies because such ideologies offer a psychological sense of stability and order.'


'Clearly, however, all socially conservative people are not prejudiced, and all prejudiced persons are not conservative.'




Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-2095549/Right-wingers-intelligent-left-wingers-says-controversial-study--conservative-politics-lead-people-racist.html#ixzz1lKF6fHo1

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Some fascist thinkers are, and were, intellectually well above average.


Unfortunately most (all?) of them were wired up wrong in another respect.


I would rather my humanitarian and instinct qualities were more robust than mere intellect.


Fortunately, for you as well as me, I am unfeasibly and unimaginably superior in all aspects.


I am also uncategorisable when it comes to trifling nonsense such as right or left wing.


And other shite like religious or tribal or even AFC "belongings" too as it happens.


I'm with Groucho. No club that admits me etc.

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Hmm wonder of this can be applied to the donstalk community?


<apologies for a daily mail article.....in fact wtf is this doing in the daily mail?>




I read about this in Psychological Science... seems a pretty reasonable assessment from my experience.  It appears the further right you get, well, the wiring just seems to get completely fucked up.


There also needs to be a study on the mental health of right wingers.  I think that would open a few eyes, because most of the crazies.. I mean REAL fucking batshit mental crazies... seem to be right wingers.


Racism, homophobia, stupidity, lunacy... while not the sole domain of the right, certainly appears to be a market largely cornered by the right.



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that Stalin had his heid screwed on.. Pol Pot inna

They were practisers of genocide. Nothing wrong with a systematic, deliberate wiping out of certain beings. Helps the future gene pool.


It was the targeting of racial or ethnic groups that gave genocide a bad name. I've placed my GPG's - Genocide Pilot Generals - in doctor's surgeries and pubs. That's where you're guaranteed to find massive collections of losers who have forfeited the right to live, being too weak, too thick and/or too ugly. We're creating a database of genocidees but because of the procedural requirement that I have to push the button on each individual case, we don't think we'll be able to get rid of more than 50 or so in our first year. In due course, once I have trust in the generals and we have audited proof that their judgement accords with my own on at least 97.8% of occasions, I'll delegate the say on execution to them and once our network is fully in place, we hope to rid the planet of a thousand or two every month.

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