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Ozzie 1 year extension

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Thought this would of had its own thread, unless im being a mug and cant see it


Isaac Osbourne has this evening signed a new contract that will keep him at the club until the end of the 2012/2013 season. The English midfielder joined the Dons during the summer after being released by Coventry City. He has had an impressive start to his career in Scotland and has become a very popular player with the Red Army.


After signing Isaac spoke with RedWeb.


"I am keen to carry on with my football. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity by Aberdeen after being out for so long. When you are out of the game as long as I was, when you get back onto the pitch you enjoy it that little bit more. For a team like Aberdeen to give me a chance to get back into it was really great. It is good I have played as many games this season as I have because of the time I was out, so as I say I am really enjoying it and that is why I am staying another season.


"I like the lads. They are a great bunch of lads, I like Archie, I like the gaffer. Everyone around the club is very friendly. Even when the new players have come in recently, they just fit straight into the dressing room. Everyone has made them feel welcome. As well as that we have a lot of the youngsters, even though they have not made that many appearances they have been in and around the squad and there is a very promising future at this club. I want to be part of it.


"Also the Aberdeen fans have been absolutely brilliant towards me. They have embraced me. At the start of the season they would all sing my name and at the time I was not playing that well, so it gave me a lot of confidence. Their support means a lot to me.


"I did not bother speaking with my agent to see what offers there were down south. I just wanted to stay here. The only issues were personal ones with me being so far away from the family. At the end of the day though it is a job, I am enjoying it here, it is a good city to be in and if I need to go home I can still do so. Lots of people need to be away from their families because of work. We took the view it won't be forever. It is in my best interests that I signed for another year.


"I could not turn down the offer to stay on at such a big club. Hopefully if not this season, next season we will get into a cup final or into Europe. I want to be part of that. At a club like Aberdeen there is more opportunity to win something than playing for a team down south. There is a lot to look forward to.


"This season we did not start great but we have started to pick up some results. With so many new players coming in it was not just going to happen for us overnight. The team are more settled. We are used to playing with each other. We know each other's strengths and weaknesses. We know what one player likes to do and what another player likes to do.


"Sometimes it is just a bit of patience that is needed.


" Next year I reckon we are going to have a very good season. There is a lot of desire in the changing room. This season though I think we can still push on. We have still got the cup and hopefully we can get to a semi final and maybe even the final and the league we are in the top six, although other teams have games in hand on us, I still think we will finish the season strongly which will lead us nicely into next season.


"My hamstring is getting there, I have doing a lot of work with John Sharp and David Wylie. The treatment has been intense but when I do get back I will have confidence there won't any problems so I can go full out.


"I always thought you had to be quick to do your hamstring! I was speaking to Youl Mawene just a couple of weeks before I picked up the injury and was saying to him I was not quick enough. Then the next thing I am sprinting down the wing and its goes. At the time I did not know what happened. I thought I had been shot! Hopefully I will be back soon though and can help the team during the final months of the season."


Seems to have the same reasons as Crespo for signing plus giving us credit for allowing him to play again after his injury. Nice one Ozzie  :thumbsup:

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I wouldn't say he has been excellent in any of the games I have seen him play in.


He's been excellent when played in midfield after a dodgy first couple of games ,,,,,, was gutted when Brown started playing him at right back as he broke up most things in the middle of the park and didn't let anyone have any time on the ball.  I've been to all but a handful of the away games and think he was one of the best Frees in a long long time when played in midfield.

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