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Pa Broon's first year report card

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Ok its a little bit more than a year but how would you asses the first year  of Brown and Knox's tenure?


For me they came in and hit the ground running, I was particularly impressed by the signing of a full back as almost the first action.  Things tailed off before the end of the season though but once the cup competition was over there wasn't too much to play for.  Follys injury was a big blow as i thought he had been one of the few to get consistent pass marks under MM  and the off field contract situations with diamond and bebo also did not help .  This was tempered a bit by the progress of milsom and jack in particular and i felt reasonably positive at the end of the season.  In the summer i thought we deported fairly well, getting rid of ifil in particular was a sigh of relief.  Unfortunately we did not sign a fb which i thought we needed more than any other position but you have to say so far his signings have been generally decent.  The biggest disappointment for me with the Craig Brown in the last year has been the appalling use of Pawlett.  Its so very obvious that the boy is a wide player and yet he is consistently played to poor effect through the middle.  I just don't understand how this is not glaringly obvious.  Pleased to see Cadger back but i still feel we need more wide players as opposed to defenders.  For example Dougie imrie for 25k to st mirren?  He would walk into our first team right now, so would nigel hasselbaink for that matter if the early season game at their place was any judge.  Gallingly we could have had him on a free transfer in the summer.  Overall i feel we are in better shape then we were and improving slowly but steadily.  The squad is still completely unbalanced though and would have to say overall i would mark the report card as "not bad effort but could do better"


What are your thoughts folks?

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Pretty much agree we what you have said. Its definitely a work in progress. But maybe the finances at the dons are crippling brown. You would think a manager of his experience would know how important width is in the team. Full backs and midfielders! That has to be addressed. A couple o really good signings has helped his cause. I think the next few months are crunch times for him. Cup run and decent top six position i Will be pretty happy. a win at Ibrox tomorrow then the man deserves to get a tacky statue of himself erected outside Pittodrie. Just like the Michael Jackson one at Fulham. Actually we could just steal that instead and stick a Craig brown mask on it.

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