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Safe Standing Survey via AFC Trust

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Please complete


The Scottish Premier League recently announced its intention to allow member clubs to pilot safe standing areas in their grounds. http://sport.stv.tv/football/scottish-premier/celtic/289114-safe-standing-plan-approved-by-spl/

However any club looking to install a safe standing area must have agreement from the local police and local authority.


Whilst the cost of installing a railed "seat" would be higher than installing a "normal" seat, Aberdeen, with our impending stadium move, will be seen as the best placed club in Scotland to introduce such a scheme.


This survey aims to collect information on the usage and interest of a possible safe standing area so that any safe standing area the club may install, in the new stadium, is designed to maximise the mutual benefits between the club and the supporters (both those who wish to stand and to sit)


This information will then be passed directly to the board at Aberdeen Football Club who will use the information to ensure that any safe standing area that may be developed is done so to the satisfaction of all parties involved.


The AFC Trust are providing you with a say in how you will experience watching Aberdeen in their new ground in the future. Please fill in the survey as honestly and detailed as possible. It should only take around 5 minutes to complete.


Some FAQs regarding safe standing and the SPL's rule change can be found here.



Further information on the type of Safe Standing structure that would be installed can be found here www.safestandingroadshow.co.uk

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Thanks to everyone who's completed the survey so far. We've had nearly 350 responses already. Currently it appears safe standing is popular amongst Dons fans with 95% of respondents in favour of installing such an area and around 66% of ST holders and 75% of non ST holders respondents intending to use it regularly.
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