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Aberdeen v Kilmarnock

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Fantastic performance today, everyone did their bit and they looked like a team who can actually compete in every area. The best thing for me was that Killie actually played well but unfortunately for them we played far far better! Aluko was brilliant, as was Maguire. Even when we were 5-0 up Maguire was still grafting and chasing the next goal. We tackled well in midfield and Eremenko was invisible. Zander looked composed whenever he had anything to do and Langfield made some outstanding saves in the first half. 



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Maguire on the ball takes too long to play even a simple pass. This is highly frustrating when it's situations where a player is running through and then has to stall his run to keep onside. Happened at least 4 times yesterday. He hangs onto the ball for too long in hope he can do something himself to be the star.


He was put through in the first half by a great ball but absolutely fluffed the shot. Ball coming down, no defender around yet he tries to blast it home and doesnt even kick it properly. Simple side foot and that was in.


Then his pass to Aluko for Aluko's goal where he managed to hit Sone's chest from about 10 yards away.


Second half Vernon did well to win the ball out wide and play Jack down the wing. Look into the middle and Maguire is walking towards the box. No desire to get into the box to give Jack a target.


Canna understand folk saying Maguire played well today. Maybe I'm just not seeing it or maybe I'm the only one watching him.


He winna be here next season anyway. You can see he is trying harder when he doesn't have the ball but when he does have the ball it's obvious he's in it for himself.

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