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Peterhead 0-1 Dons

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Just back fae Balmoor just now, Magennis getting the only goal and a fucking screamer at that about 30 yards out bullet into the top right.  Brown,Knox and Miller all in attendance in the stand.


Dons started with














Velicka looked totally disinterested with how things were going, looks as though he doesn't want to be here. Macnamee looked composed again at right back, young lad at the back Shaugnessy looked composed, Ifill despite not making any mistakes looked dodgy at times. Howard came off at half time injured not sure how serious it was as he was walking ok in the second half possibly just to rest him.



Hard to really judge other than that as it was a glorified training session for both teams but heard Knox telling Cooper after that they were in tomorrow. Unsure if thats due to performance or not.

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Was this more than just a training game, or was Brown using it to see who might be able to step up or who might be surplus to requirements. A few names in there that he hasn't seen play competitively yet.

Paton is an interesting  one. in that he may have an opportunity to start with a clean sheet. I could possibly see a few of them going out on loan deals, unless they refuse of course.


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