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Saturday 9th March 2024:  kick-off 12.15pm

🏆 Scottish Cup Quarter Finals 🏆

Aberdeen v Kilmarnock

🔴⚪️ Stand Free! ⚪🔴

Chris Crighton hits the nail on the head

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today's P&J


(Stolen fae K9 on the hat)


"Now Jimmy, did you see what happened there? Your team lost, and yet was still

clapped off the field. Strange, wouldn't you think, for a bunch of fans who set

standards as high as those of which they are accused? Here's the difference. You

played 4-4-2, with aggressive intent, and Scott Severin in midfield (where, for

an hour, he was awesome).


It is increasingly clear that branding the Aberdeen fans as greedy delusionists

is a tool to write off valid concerns about decisions for which Jimmy would

otherwise be held to account. To hear such lazy, stereotype-based, cliché-packed

dross coming from outsiders who have no interest in, and nothing to gain from,

the club's success is so old that it stopped causing offence years ago, but

spoken by the man who is in charge of our team it can be extremely irritating.


Let me spell this out once and for all, Jimmy. There is not a single Aberdeen

supporter who expects you to deliver the SPL trophy. Memories of the days when

the First Division title seemed a more immediate prospect are still way too

fresh for any such fantasy to be entertained, and as such we have rather enjoyed

the last three seasons, which cannot, in league terms at least, be categorised

as anything other than success. Don't you remember the travelling Dandies

pouring onto the pitch in Inverness to celebrate mere accession to the top six?

Or the carnival atmosphere at Pittodrie in May when third spot was clinched?

Neither is the hallmark of a support which demands nothing less than some

unattainable level of perfection.


What Aberdeen supporters do expect is that you produce the best that can be

extracted from this current squad. To run scared of a side who, within a week,

became the first to not only drop SPL points to Gretna but to fail to put four

past them was to fall well short of that mark, hence the reaction it received.

This, though in vain, was much more like it, other than the glaringly obvious

lack of fitness which saw the entire team hit the wall simultaneously, at around

the point in proceedings where it is normally only Craig Brewster who needs to

be removed before he expires.


Finally, after two false starts, you might have something. Give it a chance,



:clap: spot on loon

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If we played like we did against celtic (1st 1/2) against hibs, or even, just had players in their positions, I have no worries that we would get three points. However, playing people in the correct positions seems to be a problem for jimmy and does fill me with fear. Don't want to get on the end of a Gretna!

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Here's hoping the message was read and taken heed of and we take Hibs apart at the weekend!!



You are accusing me of plagiarism – however you will find I did reference you so therefore it is all ok  :thumbsup:

(Stolen fae K9 on the hat)


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