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Bamba Own Goal??

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Looked like a Vernon goal to me though I was a little confused. I initially thought a penalty was about to be given and wasn't entirely sure if it was a goal as the ref didn't motion it was a goal but I assumed it had been given due to the celebrating.

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Vernon definatly thought it was his, hence why he was going to take the pen thinking he was on a hat trick.

Personally I think it should be given to Vernon, theres no harm in giving credit to the attacking player in these situations, dont really see the difference between a slight deflection and a bigger one because who is to say if the keeper would or wouldn't have saved it otherwise.

Can Vernon try and claim it or is it finalised?

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Apparently it was McGhee that shouted for Hartley to take the pen. Whether it was because he knew it was credited as an og or because he didn't want to risk Vernon missing with Hartley on form I dont know


Yeah looked like it was McGhee who gestured for Hartley to take it.

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