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The Guardian: Interviewee of the Season

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taken from their Scottish awards column:


Interviewee of the season


Mark McGhee hasn't had much to smile about. He can take solace, though, from knowing he represents good media value.


Aberdeen's manager opened the campaign by lamenting the Dons' current standing in the transfer market and how they were on the verge of scouring the Unibond League for players. His marquee summer signing, after all, had been Swindon's Jerel Ifil.


Aberdeen endured a dismal time on the pitch, which meant their manager had to up the ante. As he continually stressed that his record stands up to scrutiny, you could be left wondering if the great Marcello Lippi himself had landed in the north-east. "Ridiculous" and "outrageous" were the adjectives used by McGhee in response to any speculation over his future.


McGhee walked away from a BBC interview after Hamilton won at Pittodrie near the season's end. A magnificent, curse-filled rant followed off air. Next season, Aberdeen's long-suffering punters can only hope their manager answers his critics on the pitch. And that doesn't mean by pulling his boots back on.

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ANGRY Aberdeen boss Mark McGhee has been forced to apologise for a foul- mouthed rant at a reporter.


The red-faced footie manager turned the air blue following a post-match radio interview.


But he committed the classic Gordon Brown blunder of letting rip AFTER he walked away from being quizzed about the 3-1 defeat but BEFORE his microphone was turned off. Now he's had to say sorry to journalist Euan McIlwraith.


The under-fire Dons boss, 52, blew a fuse after a season of misery as McIlwraith probed him about being hammered by Hamilton Accies two weeks ago.


In the heated exchange, the BBC man kept demanding to know if players were committed - until McGhee, above, stormed away.


Then he blurted out: "Ask me that again and I'll kick your **** in!"


A Beeb insider said: "It was pretty crass Anglo- Saxon language. The reporter was shocked. There was no reason for Mark to lose his rag like that."


He added: "The comment was recorded but not broadcast.


A Dons source said: "Mark's had a tough time. So to be quizzed about his failures got him rattled.


"The mic was still on when he made the threat. He shouldn't have used that language. But, to be fair, Euan's questioning WAS quite aggressive."


A BBC spokesman confirmed that the Dons boss regretted his outburst.


He said: "Inappropriate language was used by the Aberdeen manager.


"He later called Euan to apologise and the apology was accepted."

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Strangely they seem to have omitted McGhee having a go at the fans after the first Raith game, the accusations of a fan spitting at him at the second and the climbdown after saying Paul Hegarty had threatened to break his legs.

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Apparently threatening to kick someone's cunt in is a technique Britain's most successful manager would employ!


Reminiscent of dear of Alex Ferguson though eh?


The stress McGhee must have been under during that season would have been unbearable at times. Public humiliation would drive you up the wall a bit and it wouldn't have helped having someone rub it in your face afterwards?


Perhaps a bit more tact would have seen said reporter avoid having his c+nt kicked in.


This only serves to illustrate the determination and passion the man has to sort out previous hingmys mess and i'd rather have foul mouth rants than;


A meely mouthed Govanite

A jibbering alcoholic

An affable if ridiculous Scandinavian making no sense

A dour Hun b+astard


Keep Calm and Carry On

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