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Scottish Premiership 22/23 season start

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Manager Mark McGhee hinted that Aberdeen's injury-plagued season has proved to be a factor in their 2-0 defeat by Kilmarnock at Rugby Park.


Aberdeen will now finish in the bottom-six for the first time in six years, and McGhee expects more from his side.


"Our chances of making the top half of the table were undermined by the loss of Sone Aluko and Zander Diamond this season," said McGhee.


"It's not just a case of going there and me not doing my job well enough."


Aberdeen's Davide Grassi's turned the ball into his own net after 25 minutes, then Kilmarnock's Allan Russell headed in the winner for the hosts with 17 minutes remaining.


McGhee believed Kilmarnock were the more determined side and his players need to perform better in order to have a future at the club.


"Of course, I look at my own performance - I always will," said McGhee.


"All I will say is that whether we have anything to play for or not, we are Aberdeen Football Club and we expect players to earn their dough and go out and give 100% regardless of what they think is at stake.


"At times, every player on the pitch did something well and at some point in the game, every player was trying; but as a group, we didn't apply ourselves as well as we can for 90 minutes.


"I think that was the difference between the two teams - Kilmarnock looked like a team that had more to play for.


"Kilmarnock looked like a team that knew they were fighting relegation. It gave them the edge to win the match."

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Surely that's got to be the last we see of Grassi. Sure, it was a nasty deflection. But the lad's nae exactly endeared himself to the fans, mask or nae mask.


McGhee is looking like a man running out of ideas. At least Ebbe didn't blame injuries or the players or the fans. Ebbe just kept trying different things. Hell, he even took a wage-cut to show how his dedication towards turning the Dons around. McGhee just seems to blame everything but himself. If its not the players as a whole, it's one individual player he points the fingers at. If it's not the weather, it's the state of the pitch. If it's not injuries, it's the fans. Anyone but him!!


I hate to tell you Mark, but that squad of players did perfectly well against Hearts and Celtic not too long ago. You cannot blame the departure of Lee Miller for the poor results either, cos Miller wasn't exactly the all-conquering striker that you are making him out to be. You are very lucky in the fact that the board have bought into the "transitional season" shite that you've been spurting this season. But, come November, if we're off the pace for top-four, and are out of any one of the two cups, you'd better start looking for a new job!

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I think Grassi is desperate to do well for Aberdeen, I really do. He was one of the ones who looked like he did give a fuck yesterday. He's just not a good enough player. 


I can see what Mcghee means, this group of players are very unpredictable and inconsistent. Captain Mark Kerr leads by example by battling like a mad-man, then gives the ball away with a straightforward 10 yard pass. You could say the same about Foster. I'll make no excuses for Duff and Young, I'm a better player than them. Mulgrew and Aluko continue with their quest to be our top under-achievers. Even Diamond hasn't become the player I hoped he would be.


Paton and Fyvie have all the potential but they need good pro's around them.


And Mcghee should have a look at his own performance. Every time the camera focused on the technical areas JC was going nuts, kicking every ball and urging his team on. The only one on our bench who looked like he cared was Scott Leitch.


Injuries and suspensions mean nothing in games like that. Killie were more fired up and determined to get the result, and I've got no doubt that they got that motivation from a manager who was desperate to beat his old club.


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Mark McGhee questioned his players' determination following the opening goal, which came moments after Cammy Bell had pulled off an impressive save from Dons striker Sone Aluko.


I still felt if we won our last three games we had a chance of getting into the top six, so I certainly hadn't given up coming here, McGhee said.


My question in the dressing room afterwards was maybe they didn't believe as much as I did that we could still win three games in a row, because we looked like a team who didn't have as much to play for as the other team did.


It wasn't a huge difference. If Sone Aluko scores, we probably win the game. Instead they got the first goal and it gave them an edge and something to hold on to.


From the first goal, they were the more determined team, they won the 50-50s and most of the battles, and that was my only question to my team.


McGhee added: The response most of the time is silence. You hope it's getting through to them.


This can't come out as me slaughtering my team because it was marginal.


Well sorry to shock you Mark, it isn't getting trough to them....

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