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Scottish Premiership 22/23 season start

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Grassi's red


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MARK McGHEE claims red-card victim Davide Grassi blew his top after being told for an hour he was going to get his face smashed in.


Italian defender Grassi, whose cheekbone was broken at Dens Park the last time he was in Dundee, was sent packing in 65 minutes for kneeing Andy Webster after the two collided off the ball.


It was the Dons' seventh red of the season - but McGhee was fuming Webster escaped with a yellow while his player was ordered off.


Pittodrie boss McGhee said: "Webster initiated it, Grassi reacted. He had been threatened all afternoon he was going to be get his face smashed and reacted when he shouldn't have.


"But the linesman could have helped. He got involved but I don't think he told the ref the whole story. I'm disappointed because we've had another player sent off and they've only had a man booked - I don't quite understand that.


"It's part of the game though - I used to come here and have Paul Hegarty tell me he'd break my leg. But you don't react. You just bide your time then smash their face in!"


Webster himself didn't deny the Arabs HAD been winding up the 23-year-old Dons stopper who wore a mask for weeks to protect his face.


But he insists you have to be tough enough to take the wind-ups in football.


Webster said: "You get noised up everywhere in football.


"Fans threw snowballs at Nicky Weaver today and were taunting him. It's part and parcel of it.


"I ran into Grassi, he kicked out. It was much ado about nothing but the linesman made the decision."


United's stand-in boss Houston later waded into the row over Grassi and admitted he wished the Italian had been on his side.


He said: "I'd like to have seen some of our players smash into people. I wouldn't mind a couple of characters like that in our team.


"We didn't put a tackle in during the first half while their young lads were putting the foot in - legally.


"We don't have anyone in our dressing-room capable of that.


"But the lad's havering if he thinks he was being threatened."

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"It's part of the game though - I used to come here and have Paul Hegarty tell me he'd break my leg. But you don't react. You just bide your time then smash their face in!"




That'll do!


Mind you, it's becoming less of a mystery why our discipline is fucked.  ;)


Grassi reacted, didn't see it like most on here but that's deemed a red but instigating isn't?


That is fucked up.

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i'm sure Fifa waffle on about something called "fair play", although i'm not really sure what that is?


something to do with how much money a club has?, maybe the more money in the bank the more Fifa/SFA/SPL will actually try and play fair and use common sense!


They must have some money to fairness ratio they use when dealing with things like this ;)

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