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Jess to have heart operation


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ABERDEEN FC legend Eoin Jess faces surgery early in the new year to repair a hole in his heart.

Eoin, now a youth coach with Nottingham Forest, suffered a stroke in April.

Scans have since shown that was most probably caused by a congenital heart defect Eoin had throughout his playing career, with Aberdeen FC, Coventry, Bradford, Forest and Scotland.

Eoin is due to see a specialist surgeon in Nottinghamnext month, and expects to go under the knife in February to fix thehole in his heart.


Best wishes with it for him, should be pretty standard though.

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Hope he fully recovers, was my hero as a loon.


Agreed. He's the closest thing to a hero most young Aberdeen fans will have these days. Whilst some of us older fans will remember the likes of Theo, Charlie Nic, Ricco and Brian Grant, and further back to the Gothenburg Greats, there's no doubt that to many Gen-X and Gen-Y fans, Jess is the closest thing they've had to a true AFC legend.

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Can anyone confirm if Eoin Jess was blind in one eye?


Hmm when I met him I never noticed anything. Im sure we can find out though.


Operation coming up this month



FORMER Scotland star Eoin Jess has revealed he is to have life-saving surgery to repair a hole in his heart.


The ex-Aberdeen striker goes under the knife this month after docs discovered the potentially fatal condition caused him to suffer a stroke last April.


The 39-year-old says the operation is straightforward and he hopes to be home the next day.


Last night Dons legend Jess said: "I'm basically getting it patched up like a tyre.


"I'm sure I'll be nervous when I go for the op, but on the whole I'm pretty laid-back about it.


"Lots of people probably have a hole in their heart and go through life without any problem, but I was unlucky in that it caused my stroke."


Despite his health problems now, Jess says he is glad his condition went undetected for almost four decades, because discovering it could have ended his football career.


He said: "Things have changed now, but in all my medicals I never actually had a heart scan. If I had, maybe clubs wouldn't have taken a chance on me and my career would have been completely different."


And Jess - who won 18 caps for Scotland and li f ted three trophies with the Dons, says the discovery has given him a fresh outlook on life.


He said: "It put things into perspective and made me realise that you're not on this planet for long. You have to live as best you can."

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