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Scottish Premiership 22/23 season start

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Andy Bagshaw article in the Herald...

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There was an interview with Phil McGuire in one of the papers yesterday saying how much he was enjoying playing for Formartine. His star (not a very bright one) is well on the way down, but there's still time for Bagshaw to get back up the leagues. Good luck to him.

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Good luck to him but he's got a cracking PR rep. Can't honestly say I'm that bothered about someone who had a chance and then wasn't good enough, but he gets his name out there a fair bit.


The bigger issue is those who were good enough but gave up sport because in this country the infrastructure and percentage chance of making a good living from it aren't worth the risk. 9 people out of 10 with a brain cell to rub together won't waste their time with sport considering that unless you're a footballer and guaranteed 1st team place in 6 or 7 clubs maximum, you have no chance of a better living than doing most anything else. All we're left with are generally thick as mince and/or too dysfunctional as human beings to do anything else.

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