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Thursday 14th December 2023, kick-off 5.45pm

UEFA Europa Conference League

Aberdeen v Eintracht Frankfurt

Stand Free!

Sky Sports: Time of Our Lives: The Dandy Dons

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10.00pm, Monday, March 2, Sky Sports 1

Guests: Alex McLeish, Willie Miller, Eric Black

Back Before leading Manchester United to multiple trophy-winning glories, Sir Alex Ferguson sparked a remarkable revolution at Pittodrie. Aberdeen hadn't won the league for fifteen years, until Fergie's Don's won the first of three titles under his reign in 1979, while European glory was also round the corner.

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That's brilliant, here have yourself a




for it


Reporter "Can you see yourself winning both cups and the league?"

W.M. "Aye, that'd be nice"






Willie has been great so far tonight, especially when he said he reminded Rummenigge and Breitner at last year's match of the "humping" they got in 1983!  ;D


Methinks Jeff Stelling is relying on his researcher though.  :-\

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What did McGhee get up to after the cup winners cup final?

Clearly no good by the sounds of things :thumbsup:


Exactly what I was wondering as watching that last night.

Thought the story was going to come out in conversation, but unfortunately not.


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Enjoyed the programme, heard most of it before right enough but it was good none the less.


Got the feeling that Jeff Stelling (as much as I like the guy) didn't appreciate just how good we were. The way he spoke was as if we were hanging on by our fingernails against Real.  It was good to see WM pulling him up and telling him how well we played and how we really controlled that match.


Had to laugh at Mark McGhee though, something obviously went on the night after Gothenburg and he does look rough as fuck in the photos of the St Clair arriving back in Aberdeen.  Also strange how he could remember that Simmie scored against Hamburg but not himself scoring in the same game!


Willie's bit at the start on when Fergie first arrived at the club was class:


"But, I just pulled him aside and told him how it was"  ;D

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Aye McGhee got so pissed after the game, and the next day, that he was rough as hell and suffering big time.  Fergie supposedly took one look at him and ordered him down to the harbour to greet the fans as a punishment.

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