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Saturday 24th February 2024:  kick- off 3pm

Scottish Premiership - Kilmarnock v Aberdeen

🔴⚪️ Stand Free! ⚪🔴

Full time whistle - video

Guest At The Border Guy

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Basically, we're not allowed to show ANY footage of ANY Aberdeen player or ANY part of Pittodrie. The stadium and the players are all property of the club, and if we have footage of any part of a game on here, the club comes knocking on our doors telling us to take it off.


I don't care about any other footage. But footage of the Dons, whether it be TV footage or from your own cellphone is a breach of AFC's copyright.


Sorry! I dinnae want the club to have to come down hard on a forum that's dedicated to the Dons. There wasn't any issue regarding this before RedTV came about. But now any video footage is seen as a conflict of interest with RedTV

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Sucks but I'll live with it.


LOL - OK lads if you DON'T go to a Certain TUBULAR Referenced website - You will see nothing that looks remotely like a team in red playing against another team in blue if you type in certain referenced keywords in the search engine on the site.

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