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Scottish Premiershp

Saturday 13 August - kick-off 3pm

Aberdeen v Motherwell

Stand Free!

No Deal for Daal

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No real surprise there, then. Reckon Daal found his level in the First Division. I reckon he'd be a huge hit in the MLS. But in the fast-paced and bruising SPL I reckon he was just too far out of his depth to make a real impact at a club like Aberdeen.


Good luck to him, though.

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Is there any noise on where in the US he is planning on going.  For some reason I have doubts on whether an MLS club would take him straight off - more likely he'd be at one of the smaller teams with an MLS club holding his rights incase he's a hit or something.

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No real loss I don't think. To be fair though, the guy did not too badly coming on as a sub for us, went out on loan and scored goals, and JC expected him to keep playing as an amateur for us when other teams were showing an interest. Bit unfair on the guy.

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Guest mac

Does this mean we will get a new striker this summer?  Cos with Daal going and Brewster be linked to every lower league managerial job going we will only have 3 real strikers and Chris Maguire.

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Can't really disagree with any of previous comments on this post.

Far from convinced he would have made it at the good ship AFC.

Wish the boy no ill though, and admire him for plying his trade for a year as an amateur.

Good luck stateside 8)

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