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Scottish Premiershp

Saturday 20 August - kick-off 3pm

St Johnstone v Aberdeen

Stand Free!

Mackie's goal

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Guest hatethehuns

I wasnt even paying attention then everyone just cheeerd, well half the ground who saw what happened then werent sure what happened, goal of the season candidate!!! ;D oh i'd rather be a brush than a comb!!! mon the dons!!!

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Out of interest why are youtube links not allowed?


Whilst it ain't us who are actually hosting the videos, if we link to the YouTube videos then we are seen as a vehicle thru which people can see these images. ANY videos or photos of inside Pittodrie are automatically copyright of AFC, regardless of who has recorded them.


When we post links to videos on YouTube, effectively it is against the interests of RedTV so the club come a-knocking on our doors.

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Cease and desist orders can be sent but effectively they cannot be enforced.  Websites at the minute like PeekVid and Alluc are exploiting a loophole that since they are not infact hosting illegal files on their websites and only linking to them they are not breaking the law.  As much as this can be seen as aiding piracy you cannot get pulled up for it at the minute and it's gonna take a while till laws are changed.

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Yeah, but we've got pretty close ties to AFC. It's their property that we're linking to. If we say "nah, get tae" to the club's requests to pull these links, then the club can easily turn their backs on us and say "no more favours!". It's in their interests not to do this. But it's in our interests to keep these links off the site too!

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Guest swaddon

Just as well, because I'd have removed it anyway ;)

That's precisely why I didn't post it. Because I knew that.  ;)

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