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Saturday 9th March 2024:  kick-off 12.15pm

🏆 Scottish Cup Quarter Finals 🏆

Aberdeen v Kilmarnock

🔴⚪️ Stand Free! ⚪🔴

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8 minutes ago, Panda said:

Why revert to four at the back with 10 minutes to go? His whole philosophy - subs and tactics - is to wait until there's barely any time left then make the changes too late.

"We looked leggy" - well why not have an extra midfielder in there then? Why have three at the back and ask Shinnie and Miovski in particular to do far more running than they need to be doing?

We had three must win games there and haven't won any of them. 

This and what KGB said. He continues to do the same thing, arguably make the same mistakes, and we get the same negative outcome. St Johnstone and tonight, we had to get 6 points for certain there but we were really poor, you have to blame Robson. 5 at the back and 2 up top, you knew it would be shit. Worried about top 6, never mind European qualification.
i don’t understand the lineup tonight and the thinking behind it. As I said before, I assume Barron and polvara were ill…….but they were on the bench??

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That was so bad I couldn't even be arsed commenting when I got in. Terrible stuff. Despite our poor result at Tynecastle, we had a great first half, with the makings of a team and setup that could play in this type of fixture. It was something we could have built on. He decides that he can't trust MacDonald in a back four (maybe with reason, but you have to risk it in my opinion), so moves to a back three, with the centre half at right wing back and the right wing back at centre half. The formation (3-4-1-2) last night worked really well against the Huns here when they cheated to get a draw, but he genuinely doesn't see the differences between the fixtures and the teams we're playing against. His changes come late, and then he crams them into the space of twenty minutes, as always, so that all the subs get is five minutes to settle before changing shape and having to settle again. They never get the chance to show what they can do. McInnes would do the same too, it was frustrating, but the game was usually won by the time he did it.

Clarkson had just started to play again with the move further forward, some of his link up play against hearts was excellent, so he gets shunted back and Barron gets dropped. He was clearly knackered when he came off, and Shinnie again had to cover 8 marathons in a single game. I can only assume Barron won't be here tomorrow, it's inexplicable otherwise. 

Injuries were an issue at the back in fairness. Jensen and MacDonald are a terrible pairing as they're both ponderous and miss the opportunity for the quick pass. Roos was really, really bad - the worst I've seen him - he just looked off the whole night, really panicked and drained of any remaining confidence. Looked to me like he was at fault for the goal, but difficult to tell from the RDL. Otherwise, nobody played exceptionally bad, we were just terrible as a team. It's a terrible place to be trying to bring through young guys like Duncan and Milne, it does them no favours. 

It's horrible to watch Robson go through such a slow and painful managerial death, being allowed to drown with seemingly no assistance from anyone at the club. If the strategy is to develop young managers, then 0/3 is a fucking awful statistic. It's brutal for Robson, as it was Glass and a lesser extent Goodwin. There is only one way this is going, and everyone can see it.

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13 minutes ago, RicoS321 said:

I can only assume Barron won't be here tomorrow, it's inexplicable otherwise

Also, if Barron is still here tomorrow then Phillips has to go down as the most inappropriate signing I've ever seen. I just assumed that he was a midfielder that could maybe play wide with a bit of minor coaching. No, he's a central midfielder who won't be good enough to do what Ramadani did, but Robson will force him to anyway, just like every midfielder so far this season (all the while burning out Clarkson and Shinnie). Might have just been because it was his debut and he didn't know the players around him, but he appeared very raw, and the type of player that we'd have to spend a lot of time on to get playing to a decent standard. Very much like a lot of our loanees from EPL teams really, with Clarkson and Maddison the exceptions rather than the rule. I think the admin team will be preparing a space in the cabinet between Jenks and Walker (Josh), maybe just after Marshall (Paul) to drop this lad's file into.

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