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UEFA Euro 2020 - Croatia v Scotland

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  1. Some common sense being spoken here. Whilst it is disappointing that we may not have a new striker and defender signed in time for the Burnley games things need to be put in perspective. The transfer window opened if I recall at the beginning of this month when most players contracts ended. It doesn't close for another 6 weeks. Still time to get in the players that we need. I agree it would have been better to have a full squad before the competitive games began but that just doesn't seem to have been possible. I have no doubt that the management team won't have been sitting on their backs
  2. You will find the drink prices a tad more than in Burnley though!
  3. DD. I was at the Liverpool game in 1980. We were gubbed but learned a lot from that. Ipswich the following year were complacent. They were indeed UEFA champions at the time and were a top class side that was not in doubt. They assumed that because of that pedigree that they would walk it against us. How wrong they were . Two words. Peter Weir.
  4. Aye, I know but I suppose Dyce Park and Ride sounds a bit better than Craibstone Park and Ride.
  5. Don't think it has been built yet. It will be up near the new AECC.
  6. No Elgindon isn't me. I was on Abmad - still lurk there. On this topic maybe Ryan Jack isn't going to the Huns. We shall no doubt find out next week.
  7. I thought that Willie Young was a solicitor.
  8. Yes but interesting to note who gave the assist for the goal - the much maligned Taylor.
  9. I have signed it now too. What a mess they leave. I know it is the law (apparently) but I don't see why local authorities (ie us) should have to fund these sites.
  10. I can't remember my very first game . One of the very first though would have been the game against Hibs in March 1967. The crowd that day was 44,000 which I think is the second highest attendance ever at Pittodrie. It was a tad crushed to say the least.
  11. Sneckie - you are a blast. Keep them coming.
  12. Another refugee from Abmad here too. I don't post much as I just lurk usually. I like this place - no adverts is brilliant. Are we really allowed to swear and stuff?
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