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  1. Dave Cornwell, better known as the writer John Le Carre, passes away aged 89. Love his books.
  2. I actually think he is a decent player with a good touch, but don't see him improving us. I'd prefer us to get a Watkins type in than another target man type player.
  3. Some hit from Curtis for the second Some finish from Curtis for the secondsome. We needed a win and got it. Not sad to see Sam left out. Curtis shouldn't be anywhere near the club, but I honestly don't think he is any worse than Sam and I actually think his workrate is better than Sam. Hopefully we can kick on now that monkey us off our back.
  4. Just win it, how we play is irrelevant for this one, but a bonus if we do give a great performance. 1-0 Joe Lewis goal kick flukes it in to the County net in the 92nd minute.
  5. Paolo Rossi - Italian striker best remembered for his goals at the 1982 World Cup, which saw italy win it. The first World Cup I remember really watching. Only 64
  6. Just having Hayes back is a huge boost. Confident we will get the win now.
  7. I'll go against my normal predictions and say we will get pumped by the Saints. I think we need a trophy this season, as it will be fucking torture IF the zombies do win the league this year, which looks likely at the moment and we have got sod all. Just win it boys. COYR
  8. I thought Kennedy looked decent before he was injured and was adapting to his new role. Still have my doubts about his final ball mind, but have a feeling he is possibly lacking a bit of fitness/form at the moment and if it wasn't for other injuries he may have been eased back in more.
  9. We have undoubtedly played better this season, but I still think he should be gone, but as I stated it won't be anytime soon. For me Hayes has been the big difference. We missed him when he went and look a different team with back in it and no it is not all down to him, but I suspect he has been a large part in our overall performaces, just like he was before he went to the pigs.
  10. I didn't expect a great game last night, but did think we would grind out a result and when we went 1-0 up I was thinking that was that, but depsite huffing and puffing after they claimed a goal back, we never really looked at the races and certainly didn't look like scoring again. I gave up my ST this year due to the standard of football and have openly said DM should go and cannot take us forward, but that wont be happening anytime soon as we cannot afford too, but when it comes to matchdays I will always put them down for a win, even though my head may say something different to my hea
  11. Have we really seen enough of Hernandez to bracket him along with Main and Ojo? I didn't believe the big fee hype when we got him, but based on what little I have seen he doesn't look too great. I have no issue towing in another youngster in the current circumstances, but agree 100% on DM taking too long to make changes, he always has. 8 players of decent quality are undoubtedly a huge miss for us, but would still think more than enough quality on the pitch last night to win, but then Hamilton are a tenacious team and seem to get results when the pressure is on and often against
  12. Have to agree that despite so many players out we should still have enough about us to beat Hamilton. We haven't got a right to win games, but just lacked energy tonight in my opinion. Possibly a game like tonight should have seen us throw a couple of kids in and see how we got on as some of the starters have proven they just aren't good enough. Ojo and Main really aren't of the standard required and only block the path of youngsters. What is the story with Hernandez? I did expect to see him get a run out tonight.
  13. For me the Rangers game was just a blip not helped by the shit surrounding it with the under 21 guys and all the other injury problems. Confident we will get back to winning ways tomorrow against Accies, but who we know are always capable of throwing up surprise results when least expected. 1-0 , Cosgrove - Will be a typical DM special, where we will get an early goal then sit back and grind out the three points.
  14. Ouch, that was a sore one, but it was a fairly shyte team in my opinion, including a few guys playing their first football in a while. Not acceptable, but nobody would have had that as a first choice line up against anyone. Aye Stewarty I hope you enjoyed that one today, probably still jizzing himself over that. A strong and stable Rangers. Cunt!
  15. Not anyone's idea of a great team selection, but fuck they need us behind them today. I will be screaming even louder invectives at the cheating zombie pretendy cunts than usual today. COME ON YOU REDS!
  16. No matter how shit we are, I would never put us down to be defeated by that scum and their equally scummy Glasgow neighbours.
  17. Normal fitba resumes, thank flock! Pains me to say it but the cheating bastards are looking decent and we are going to have to be on top our game to get anything against them and I don't think an overly cautious approach will help us either. I'm going for 2-1 us Wright and Hedges, with two outstanding goals from superb open play to tear their defence a new one!
  18. I saw that tonight and thought the same. If they cunts win it this season it really will be back to business as usual. I'm sure Mr Milne and many others will be happy though with a strong and stable pretendy rangers.
  19. Just watched the highlights and two well taken goals. I have to agree with Rico and say that Fergies pass wasn't intended for Wright, but it ended up with him which he finished well and will keep his confidence up. A great finish by Sam as well. We should have put them to the sword, but was never in any danger of losing. 3 points and a clean sheet is always a good day.
  20. I don't think we are scared of them, I just think he worries about not getting beat so much that we forget how to win. Celtic aren't a shit team though and most players would walk into our team, so they may just have been up for it on Sunday and raised their game against us. Also the key to beating them at the moment is to score the first goal, as that seems to cause them serious problems whereas in the previous few seasons, it would just annoy them and they would up the tempo and destroy teams who are now getting results against them. I also think quite a few of our players lack the bott
  21. We didn't play too badly against Celtic. If Hedges had buried that ball he received in the box from Wright, it would have been a different outcome, but fine margins can dictate a win against either of the bigots. Having Hayes out is a real blow and I would say the same for Watkins as he can offer something different. I just hope the loss of Hayes doesn't stop of from trying to play a better style of football and we revent to bypassing midfield like last season. I would say there is not much of a difference between us and Hibs, with the managers being fairly similar in their approach,
  22. If hedges takes the shot on his right foot instead of taking the time to get it on to his left than it would have changed the course of the game. Some goal by Christie for their opener, their second was poor defensively from us though. Although we didn't play badly, I think losing Hayes was a real sore one and could have been the difference. I think that is why Kennedy started to give us energy down the wing that we wouldn't have had with McLennan. Never nice to lose a semi final though.
  23. No Hayes for todays game, that is a sore one as his energy and workrate drives us as a team. Still a stong team we have put out though. COYR
  24. For me we played just about at our best on Sunday for that draw and possibly deserved the win overall, but can we do the same this coming Sunday, knowing full well they possibly won't be that shyte again? I do think though that defensively they are pish. I would go for the frustrating tactics that worked well for us in the first half on Sunday, before opening up more in the second half, so would keep Wright on the bench and let him run at that defence. I also suspect if Wright starts one of the tinks will do him in the opening stages to try and keep him out of the game knowing no matter t
  25. If we are set up to play like we did first half then keep Wright on the bench and bring him on second half when we open more as he is more than capable of running at them with the ball and making something out of nothing. I suspect McLennan or Kennedy will be at RWB and Sam will start up front with Hedges supporting allowing us McRorie, Fergie and Mcgeoch (if fit) in the middle. I wouldn't use Ojo in a three if Mcgeoch is not fit. I suspect having no fans at Hampden will suit us more than them too, but will still be a huge ask for us and will have to work harder than we did yesterday to g
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