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Next Match: St Johnstone v Aberdeen

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  1. Just read some shite on bbc news about Celtic going out again to inferior opposition. Micky Mouse countries like Hungary and Romania. It’s never going to sink in that Scottish football is no better than the quality in central Europe. Hajrá Fradi (Zoltan Varga’s club)
  2. Nothing special Just Ferencvaros equivalent of C’mon the Dons
  3. How could it be anything else? Hardly a disappointment, give that no one was actually going to be at the games.
  4. donsdaft


    I had just booked to come back to Aberdeen, leaving Budapest next week. Had to put that off by 2 weeks due to Nicola. Bastard eh?
  5. Well, I don’t suppose I meant fill the entire team with home grown product, nice though that would be. How difficult is it to produce your own fullbacks though? ( nearly impossible it would seem) Or a hard working midfielder or two, or for that matter (whisper it) a goalie.
  6. Exactly, we are unlikely to be winning 10 league titles in a row, so what would be acceptable? Trying to actually win games against the weegies would be a start. Trying to entertain would help, this includes not defending a 1-0 advantage against Hamilton at home. Being able to watch youngsters make their way into being first team regulars is a satisfying pastime. Just because SKY or whatever make a big play about signing players doesn’t mean we have to join in. lets face it, our biggest signing of a transfer window is hardly likely to get the fans all excited. Far
  7. C’mon Lefty min. ”Entertainment level has dropped off” It’s been dire for years. I haven’t been to Pittodrie since that disgraceful performance against Rijeka and I don’t see that many reasons to bother going back. Sheer and utter boredom.
  8. donsdaft


    I’ve been thinking about The Day of the Triffids Nothing changes
  9. Sparking off yet another union jack fest down souff no doubt. Hopefully Lizzie the bitch next.
  10. Of course there will be wage cuts. Re write all the contracts to be basic and bonus.
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