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  1. This came up in Korea in 2009 when Manchester United said they were touring Asia that summer and they wanted to play FC Seoul on one of two specific dates to suit their travel schedule, however FC Seoul had league matches on both of those dates. K-League officials initially told them to piss off (suggested playing second or third tier opposition instead if they were that desperate for a game), but the lure of money won out and the league match was shifted to make way for the friendly. Pish. I'm with GS on this one - you fulfill league fixtures as scheduled or you forfeit the points.
  2. Aye.. wants to smash a bottle of wine over someone's head Come on County...
  3. Best Aberdeen Player of the Decade: Russell Anderson Best homegrown player: Russell Anderson Best signing: Markus Heikkinen Best goalkeeper: Peter Kjaer Best defender: Russell Anderson Best midfielder: Markus Heikkinen Best forward: Arild Stavrum Best manager: Jimmy Calderwood Pick an XI from the decade: Peter Kjaer Kevin McNaughton Russell Anderson Eric Delomeaux Michael Hart Barry Nicholson Cato Guntveit Markus Heikkinen Jamie Smith Arild Stavrum Hicham Zerouali Game of the Decade: Home leg against Bayern Munich Biggest single disappointment of the decade: Only reaching two finals, both within the first five months of the decade Best opposition player of the decade: Henrik Larsson
  4. Can McGhee buy a few of the gnomes to bolster the squad?
  5. I remember being at Ibrox for a League Cup game back in 2000 or 2001 (Ronald de Boer's debut for the huns, I think) when we had about seven or eight youngsters in the side, and looked like a bloody useful team for much of the match. That was when folk like Esson, McNaughton, McGuire and even the Youngs (Derek scored a belter that day to put us 2-1 up) were all looking like turning into a fantastic group of players for us. Perhaps I was looking on with rose-tinted spectacles, and the old memory is certainly looking upon things a lot more fondly now, but I thought at the time we have a bloody great future.
  6. There was an interview with Phil McGuire in one of the papers yesterday saying how much he was enjoying playing for Formartine. His star (not a very bright one) is well on the way down, but there's still time for Bagshaw to get back up the leagues. Good luck to him.
  7. The AFC website has confirmed the home game on July 30th, but hasn't yet put up the date for the away leg. I'm assuming that's going to be the 6th, but I'd rather wait until that's officially confirmed before booking anything.
  8. The older bloke in the picture at the top of that article looks like he's been away on holiday with JC...
  9. He's got a point... most normal people bring autograph books or programmes to sign
  10. Aye the stream from that site is pretty decent. Will be using it more often for live stuff
  11. That one could well be the first time we go to their new ground, no?
  12. I went for Theo, but the one sad, sad reflection I have on him as a goalkeeper is that I was once able to put a penalty past him in a "beat the goalie" competition. Even Michael Watt saved my effort a year later.
  13. I think Portaloo was on close to that when he came to Busan in Korea... I think that, like in Korea, most J-League sides are owned and bankrolled by major companies so it's easy enough for them to write off such expenses somewhere in their business accounts. Apparently Steve Paterson was some sort of legend at Yomiuri FC (now Toyko Verdy) when he was a player, so I'm waiting for him to get a job over there now.
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