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  1. Frank Lampard punted by Chelsea. Thomas Tuchel reported to be the replacement.
  2. Press reports suggesting Tribute Act wanting to get Wright deal sorted this week. Apologies for the source. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/scott-wright-set-seal-rangers-23376688
  3. Better performance yesterday than last week. Thought Kennedy was standout for us. Probably one of his best games for Dons and don’t think it’s any coincidence that it was in a game where he was played further forward. Agree with Rico on Wright that we will struggle to replace him from within the squad. Unless we are offered cash for him in this window I would rather see him play out his contract with us. I know it was only 5 minutes against 10 men but thought Virtanen looked decent in his limited time on the field. Would rather we went with him than give anymore game time to Ojo.
  4. Great ball from Kennedy and great header from Hoban.
  5. McInnes said in press conference that Taylor is likely to make it for today so assume it will be back 3 if he does.
  6. From some of the comments made elsewhere the suggestion is that it is the entire area that is being proposed but not sure if that’s accurate. Club should however should at least engage with the Council to see what’s on offer rather than dismiss it out of hand like they have previous sites that were suggested.
  7. Liverpool losing 1-0 to Burnley tonight. Liverpool now gone over 400 minutes without scoring. Tough run of games coming up for them as well.
  8. Ah forgot he would be back from suspension. Therefore replace McGinn with him.
  9. Saw elsewhere that we have not scored in last 300 minutes of football against Motherwell and nothing I saw on Saturday convinced me that won’t be extended for another 90 minutes on Saturday. We look clueless upfront. If Taylor’s injury means he will miss games I would rather we went to a flat back 4 rather than have Leigh in a back 3. Would go with Lewis Logan Hoban Considine Leigh. McGinn Ferguson Wright Campbell Kennedy Cosgrove Don’t expect McInnes to agree. With Livingston picking up points against Celtic we really need a win to try and keep in front of them before
  10. Jute


    Snow over night Edinburgh again.
  11. Apparently they watched him against the Tribute Act. No mention of a bid which doesn’t surprise me given how poor he was.
  12. Motherwell drew 1-1 with the Tribute Act today. Tribute Act look like they are already coasting to title in mid January. Sickening.
  13. The long contract was definitely a mistake as it removed the pressure to perform. Failure to get third this year will be a disaster financially as it gives us almost guaranteed group football in Europe in either Europa league or Europa Conference. Thing is I am not sure changing manager now would make us anymore likely to finish 3rd as an new manager will be stuck with same squad we have now. I would think at a minimum board should be telling McInnes now that this team must finish 3rd if he is to continue in the job.
  14. McCrorie allegedly left ground on crutches with ankle issue.
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