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  1. Game not to be effected by the lockdown. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53668239
  2. Now saying it was a fire in a load of fireworks that spread to a warehouse containing ammonium nitrate that was confiscated in 2014. Stuff can be used as fertiliser but also as component in explosives. As you say from the pictures I will be very surprised if the death toll isn’t well into the hundreds.
  3. As you say Manc can see Anderson being on the bench on Saturday which would be a shame as he needs a run of games in the right system. Would have liked him to play on Saturday along side McGinn but not going to happen as that would mean changing the system of punting long balls and dropping one of the central 3. Instead expect Edmundson to come in for Anderson and McGinn to replace Considine with Hayes moving to left back. Would like to see Campbell replacing Bryson or Ojo as he seemed to add some energy to the team on Saturday but again cannot see McInnes dropping either. oot train to weeg to visit friends hopefully watching game train back to capital. 1-0 Edmundson.
  4. Jute


    Additional 15 cases in Grampian area out of 21 in total for Scotland today. As U.K. Government scientist said at the weekend it looks like we are at the limit of what we can open without risking allowing the disease to spread quickly.
  5. Harrogate win the national league play off and gain promotion to EFL.
  6. Morelos being a fat cunt was brought up in post game analysis by McCoist. ETA: Thought McCoist and Fletcher were pretty good on Sky coverage.
  7. Bournemouth part company with Eddie Howe.
  8. Didn’t notice it at the time but watching highlights there I think you are right it was a foul.
  9. Apparently Derby’s case will not be heard until November or so SSN said.
  10. Piss poor performance. Anderson totally stitched up by McInnes insisting on punting long balls up to him. Was never going to work. Tribute Act looked sharper and fitter than us all over the park.
  11. Midfield has been poor but Ojo worst of the three by a long way. Yellow card should see him subbed at half time.
  12. As said before great signing if he can stay fit. However fact he is 26 years old and only managed 86 professional games suggests there is little chance of him staying fit.
  13. As much as I despise City and their obvious financial doping I could never want those fascist cunts to win a game*. * Clearly does not apply when playing either of the Glasgow bigots.
  14. Main out for Saturday. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53586794
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