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Next Match: Scottish Cup - Aberdeen v Livingston

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  1. That or 4-5-1 but has to be a 4 at the back surely?
  2. I saw him play both right back and in midfield for U20s but Arbroath seemed to use him solely in midfield in games that were on TV.
  3. Only 18 months after getting parts of their ground closed for breaching UEFA rules on racist and sectarian songs and banners.
  4. Only thing I would change with that team is Campbell for McCrorie as not been impressed with his form for some time and think he needs rested/dropped. As everyone else has said can’t see this being anything other than a low scoring dull affair. Not sure I will bother with game. oot Walking to Portobello Walking back from Portobello Watching TV 1-0 Ferguson
  5. Allegedly the Oriam and Murray Park were already booked when we qualified so having to go abroad to get a training camp.
  6. Dons on live tv again but fucking Premier Sport this time.
  7. Friendlies announced for build up to Euros against Holland and Luxembourg.
  8. I think the injury to Hornby has hampered his progress. Kamberi and Hornby had started to look like they were forming an understanding of each other’s game when Hornby got injured. Since then we have played Kamberi as a lone striker which isn’t his game at all. If Hornby is fit for Saturday I would go back to them both up top.
  9. Valencia players claiming they were forced to continue with game against Cadiz after walking off when one of their players was allegedly racially abused. Apparently ref told them they would forfeit game if the didn’t continue. Spanish league and UEFA need to get firm rules in place surrounding this. Players need to know there are consequences to this and punishment has to include the clubs so they are motivated to ensure any sign of racism is dealt with immediately. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2021/apr/04/valencia-walk-off-against-cadiz-after-diakhaby-accuses-opponent-of-rac
  10. Tribute Act beat Cove 4-0 to go into 4th round.
  11. Apologies was trying to plant out some new flowers in the tubs on the balcony. This what lockdown has reduced me to.
  12. Livingston at home in the next round.
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