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Next Match:  Scottish League Cup: St Mirren v Aberdeen

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  1. Michael Paton appointed Player-Manager of Brechin. https://brechincity.com/bcfc/p/n/2351
  2. At the end of the day it's only 3 points.
  3. Club have announced on Facebook that Ebbe Skovdahl has died at 75. Probably the first game that's come to mind.
  4. Hoban signed for the rest of the season.
  5. Got a month of Premier Sports for £1 using FOOTBALL1. Looks as though you can cancel via the website if you're getting it through Sky.
  6. Aaron Hickey signs for Bolgna and the video is something else.
  7. McKenna confirmed as gone for a record fee.
  8. Wilson signed for Salford. What a waste of time that was.
  9. At least he was an improvement on Ifil at right back.
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