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  1. Thoroughly embarrassing. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pleased for them, but absolutely jealous given the investment this team has received over the years
  2. Disappointing if that’s true. Not that he would ever come to us, but still, disappointing.
  3. Aye, but he was at hibs , so that ticks a box in itself
  4. Not expecting anything from this game, despite the result at the weekend. Given our form against them anything from this game will be a massive boost. Obviously they lost to county away last weekend but I’d expect a response from them against us , bucktooth loves a game against us. We were unlucky not to get something the other week but they still managed to squeeze a result out. anyway, Hornby has been ruled out with a tear so potentially Ruth comes in? Hoping that kamberi can get a goal his effort thus far deserves. out bed bed bed (ha) 2-1 Tim’s, kamb
  5. Absolutely. Think the best examples we can give are fergie and McLean . Lots of first team experience and we should even be getting the likes of those to chat to them.
  6. You jest, but my folks were sending me my uni certs (track and trace) and it said it hadn’t left the post office after two weeks. Turns out, the tag is still in the post office...who knows about the package.
  7. Have heard 2020 has been a mad year. Hope you’re well. great to wake up to 3 points for the dons, can’t ask much more for a birthday present. Please let it be the start of better things!
  8. You genuinely couldn't make this up. Maybe they realised how dodgy it looked?
  9. Welcome aboard! Interesting suggestion! Are you an Almelo resident? Agreed he has done really good work there and had some very credible results. Tbh, I'm ready for a fresh approach, I don't think available Scottish talent is all that.
  10. Sounds like I won't bother even watching it then
  11. Only three rangers players were involved, but Tavernier turned up with the police started handing out penalties.
  12. Been holding off starting this thread. In recent times, I'd been fearful enough of this fixture (due to them actually being good). Now they're shite but seem to be finding a few goals and we're, well, pathetic. No win in 9 and well, equaling our record of games not scored. Celtic are still shite, but I can't see anything other than another capitulation. Previous McInnes teams showed some sort of desire, fight or drive. This squad possess none of those things (at the moment). Doesn't feel like they have the heart to fight for him. Out Bed Work or driving Work or driving 3-0 dhim
  13. I hope someone get's the best of him. Just a shame he didn't get a prem club sooner.
  14. I knew I should have changed my prediction in Jan
  15. a) I'm amazed they had confirmed it in the first place b) It looks pathetically weak to cancel it. Guess there are only so many varieties of Hernandez / style of play / sack McInnes you can read.
  16. Genuinely, I’d love to see someone ask that question. Along with whatever our signing strategy (or lack of) appears to be. Doesn’t seem to have a direction to it.
  17. Scheduled for the 16th. Anyone planning on submitting any questions? I imagine they’ll be highly selective
  18. Just to clarify, I wasn't calling him that, more that there appear to be a few supporters that regardless of the damning evidence on show, that he is still the man to take us forward. Crichton saying it is a minority of fans that want him gone is also incorrect.
  19. Tims pumping St. Mirren 4-0
  20. Unsurprisingly, this is very much a must win game. Also, I'm hoping we really see a reaction from not only the team, but especially the managerial duo that they've taken the kick up the arse seriously. No one wants them to fail, but belief that they'll be able to deliver is another thing. St.Mirrens form is in stark contrast to ours (much like a lot of the league). They've actually managed to get something positive from a game against the dhimmery. Although they play them again ahead of our game so that may work in our favour. We last bet them in October, when we had a team that were bu
  21. That list is thoroughly uninspiring, less Neil imo
  22. Was my biggest worry too. As if St. Johnstone games aren't bad enough as they are. Imagine him on the home bench
  23. I'm surprised it's taking them this long ! Lots of happy clappers about on twitter, seem to be doubling down, including Red Final, Chris Chrichton. Apparently it's only a minority of fans...
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