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  1. The above is a good summation of my thoughts. Covid has robbed us of his possible departure. I mean obviously Milne did that too but this summer was supposed to be the time we parted amicably . We don’t play football anymore, it’s just seriously shite to watch for nearly three years.
  2. I wanted to keep the subscription up, but the increase in cost was just too much for me at the mo. It looks a lot slicker, so glad to hear it's working out for everyone.
  3. Aye it’s not bad. Surprised mcginn doesn’t start but I dunno, maybe keeping him as an impact sub makes sense given his age now.
  4. I see we're being linked with Ryan Edmondson from Leeds (apologies for the link). Anyone know anything about him? https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/ryan-edmondson-targeted-aberdeen-loan-22445498?utm_source=whatsapp.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar
  5. Welcome aboard, and absolutely, we can but hope! Mcginn and anderson could be tasty.
  6. Fucking horrific way to start the new season. Wish him all the best, but ffs. Wish he'd gone to France (if it was indeed true).
  7. Better club than I expected he'd sign for
  8. Cool, will have to hope that it comes out on TV NZ then, they're usually pretty good with getting UK TV.
  9. manc_don


    £20 would be ridiculous. I get that the clubs need some money, but folk aren't exactly rolling in it either. I'm sure they've got something in place but as they say, trying to maximise season ticket uptake. Just hope that RedTV is able to cope with the increased demand.
  10. What channel is that on? Sounds intriguing
  11. Really unsure how this season will go, given the lack of available information during the pre-season. Given we've kept most of the team, and added Hayes, i'd hope that we're in a reasonable situation. We should finish 3rd, can't see us getting above the hunnery unless they have a massive implosion (please let it be so). Surprised to see Cosgrove and McKenna still with us, but I suppose there's still time? I'd only be happy for him and McKenna to go if we had suitable replacements lined up. I'm going to say st. Mirren for the drop, only on the basis that I haven't got a clue about anyone else.
  12. Local team, Welly 'Nix currently sitting 2nd in the a-league. Played some phenomenal stuff this season. Last season, Sarpreet Singh, signed for Bayern (first their second team but has featured in the first) and Libby Cacace looks to be heading to Europe this season. Not quite the same level as Bayern, but would love to see him at a dutch club. Excellent left back, which I have no doubt won't be on the dons radar. Likes to play football and not afraid of a good challenge. Rumours were that some belgian club were interested due to the managers links (muscat) to the a-league. Really annoying that they will likely be playing a "home" final this season for the first time in yonks, but because the aussies fucked their covid response, they can't play in Wellington. Nice one Scotfree
  13. 78 77 76 75 74 73 72 71 70 69 68 67 66 - Manc_don 65 64 63 62 61 60 59 58 57 56 55 54 53 52 51 50 49 48 47 46 45 44 43 42 41 40 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 ------- Previous Champions: 2009-10: Dave_min (41 points) 2010-11: BigAl (38 points) 2011-12: Snapper (41 points) 2012-13: Tyrant (48 points) 2013-14: 2014-15: Dandy (75 points) 2015-16: Dandy (retained due to no correct scorer) 2016-17: Rico (76 points - Flawless Victory. Nothing questionable about it at all) 2017-18: Tom (73 points) 2018-19: DantheDon (67points) 2019-20: No winner - DantheDon retains title following an independent inquiry
  14. Feels like it'e been an absolute age since we last saw a game (and it has), and what a game to kick it all off with. Just gutted we can't have any fans and I do wonder what impact that'll have on our players. Sometimes they thrive on it, but they've also wilted under pressure, so it could be a blessing in disguise! I didn't think our form against them at Pittodrie was that bad, but we haven't beaten them in the league since 2016?!? Weird to think that our form at snake mountain has been better We've had plenty of draws, but when there's been a winner, it's been them. In / Out: Out Prematcher: Night feed Match: Bed I imagine Postmatch: Combination of the above Prediction: Dons 1 - Huns 2, McGinn Crowd: 36 seagulls
  15. Pretty much how I feel about the situation. No doubting his potential ability, it's more his ability to play consistently which concerns me.
  16. Lost 2-1 to st Johnstone today, anderson with the goal. Hoping he continues this scoring form into the season proper.
  17. Sounds like devlin got injured during the friendly
  18. Hopefully see him a) get more game time and b) be a bit more clinical. Need / want him to take his chance
  19. Don’t believe so, Al. As long as we show the link etc.
  20. McLean still getting a game there?
  21. Cerny signed on for another year, excellent professional. Very pleased to see him sign on again: https://www.afc.co.uk/video/redtv-tomas-cerny-interview/
  22. I’d have thought so , jute. Not really sure how else it could work? I’d really like to know where the club is getting its optimism from.
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