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  1. Doing it in Wellington tomorrow too, 41 gun salute...
  2. Saints have been going about their business quietly, not scoring lots of goals, but regular wins and by small margins. So I can't see this being any different. We're still pish but hopefully we'll continue to see the youth getting a bit more of a run around. Ramsay was very promising on the weekend and it's clear some of the senior players are done. Will Glass be having a say on things now? In/out: Out Prematch: Bed Match: Bed Post Match: Bed Prediction: 1-1, Kamberi
  3. You're the first person I've seen say that about him. Personally, I don't think he'll cut it, as he's not progressive enough but how folk were blaming him for the poor performance yesterday surprised me. Especially since there are experienced pro's in that team who are massively under performing / past it. Seems like a nice kid, and I wish him well. I just haven't seen anything that makes me think he's what we need to take us forward. Caveat being, I didn't watch this game (just the highlights), it's more of a feeling I have generally speaking. Edit: Ramsay looks a player, good to s
  4. So I’m guessing there’s no need to bother with the highlights for this one then? Through to the next round, that’s all that matters. For now at least.
  5. I'm guessing he'll have eyes on the ground and plenty of video footage (if not a live feed into training). Obviously not ideal.
  6. Potentially a great appointment
  7. I had been tempted to write that myself. But was going full optimism mode...
  8. That sounds like complete BS. Given we all know how DM operates, if he spends that amount of money on a player, he played him regardless.
  9. Impressive stash there KD!
  10. You're probably right Jute, highly unlikely they didn't know. Just want a win, any win will do.
  11. Shite news, regardless of whether he was playing next season or not
  12. Last game was particularly tight against the Sons (Cosgrove pen), and both our respective forms are pretty poor. Obviously they've not played that much of late, but can see this being similar to previous fixtures, especially given our lack of attacking prowess. Really need something positive to come out of this season, so need to progress, any means necessary. Interesting to see if the attitude of the team changes now they know who the management team are going to be. Out Bed Bed Bed 1-1, Kamberi
  13. He’ll have my support, but I’m not happy about this appointment, not in the slightest. At a time when we needed to create unity, this isn’t the one.
  14. Edit: updated now, will update the graphic later
  15. I'm inclined to agree re: the coaching staff, unless they show a complete mindset change over the next few games, will probably need to be offski. The culture of the club (as well as squad members) needs overhauling this summer and we've got a good excuse to do it. Ferguson definitely has another level in him and hopefully whoever comes in can extract it out of him. But agree with LA, we'd be silly not to try and sell for the right price. Team dependent too. I am concerned re: McRorie tbh. I wonder if we've now signed a dud (due to covid) and if he'll ever rediscover his form. His lun
  16. ED mentioned that to me on WhatsApp, one of the few Scottish names that would appeal.
  17. Absolutely this. The squad is mediocre, much like the clubs ambitions. This summer is a massive opportunity to start with a relative clean slate.
  18. Rumours of a slavia player getting (rightly so) battered at ibrox. If he’s found of a racist slur, he deserves everything
  19. So, first game post McInnes era. I expect us to play free flowing football and score multiple goals. Anyway, reality, it will be interesting to see how the team respond to all of the recent news. Will they find new energy or will they just carry on as they were? I'd hope they play with a bit more freedom. I'm not expecting a win here but I don't expect it to be a goalless draw like the last two games. Out Bed Bed Bed (Ha) 1-1, Consi
  20. Brisbane had an upturn in form at the start of this season, and he tried to claim credit for it. He had some good results but by and large he was shite for them and caused quite a stir in the dressing room.
  21. Have started Snowpiercer. It's a good watch. I read some of the "graphic novel" / comic book as one of my old house mates was a big fan.
  22. Tin star was fantastic. We felt the same about Your Honour too, a bit too much and actually I found the son annoying as fuck.
  23. Had heard of this previously, maybe around the time of the documentary but had never heard of the rationale behind it. Great story!
  24. Not disagreeing with any of that, particularly the last two paragraphs. That's what I was trying to insinuate with my last point. The air of inevitability about it. Feels like it's happening regardless of it being the right appointment. I did feel he was genuine about some of what he said about him, but maybe that was my morning judgement.
  25. Had a listen on the way into work this morning. Was a good listen and everyone had interesting inputs on the debate. Whether the journalist had to say what he was saying I don’t know, but on the face of it, he spoke very highly of Glass and what he’d been asked to do and achieved thus far at Atlanta. He’s no record breaker but he does sound like he’s a good student of the game. Just not sure. I mean, I guess no one does really. We all have to hope it works out. Kinda has an air of inevitability about it though. the boy from DST is clearly a special level of delusion.
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