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  1. Usually I’d say that this is normally a horrific watch, so it obviously makes sense to have it on tv, but given there are no fans and all games are viewable remotely , it doesn’t really make much of a difference . Never enjoy these games. will they be a different beast without wright? Draw against the arabs on the first day is hard to judge, as they played half the game with 10 men, so I imagine we’ll see another cautious McInnes set up. Really hope we don’t try and accommodate the same three central midfielders , it didn’t work. I have no doubt we will see anderson on the bench, but I’d like to see either mcginn alongside him or Edmondson. Play to his strength please DM. out bed night feed bed 1-1 , mcginn
  2. The above is a good summation of my thoughts. Covid has robbed us of his possible departure. I mean obviously Milne did that too but this summer was supposed to be the time we parted amicably . We don’t play football anymore, it’s just seriously shite to watch for nearly three years.
  3. I wanted to keep the subscription up, but the increase in cost was just too much for me at the mo. It looks a lot slicker, so glad to hear it's working out for everyone.
  4. Aye it’s not bad. Surprised mcginn doesn’t start but I dunno, maybe keeping him as an impact sub makes sense given his age now.
  5. I see we're being linked with Ryan Edmondson from Leeds (apologies for the link). Anyone know anything about him? https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/ryan-edmondson-targeted-aberdeen-loan-22445498?utm_source=whatsapp.com&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=sharebar
  6. Welcome aboard, and absolutely, we can but hope! Mcginn and anderson could be tasty.
  7. Fucking horrific way to start the new season. Wish him all the best, but ffs. Wish he'd gone to France (if it was indeed true).
  8. Better club than I expected he'd sign for
  9. Cool, will have to hope that it comes out on TV NZ then, they're usually pretty good with getting UK TV.
  10. manc_don


    £20 would be ridiculous. I get that the clubs need some money, but folk aren't exactly rolling in it either. I'm sure they've got something in place but as they say, trying to maximise season ticket uptake. Just hope that RedTV is able to cope with the increased demand.
  11. What channel is that on? Sounds intriguing
  12. Really unsure how this season will go, given the lack of available information during the pre-season. Given we've kept most of the team, and added Hayes, i'd hope that we're in a reasonable situation. We should finish 3rd, can't see us getting above the hunnery unless they have a massive implosion (please let it be so). Surprised to see Cosgrove and McKenna still with us, but I suppose there's still time? I'd only be happy for him and McKenna to go if we had suitable replacements lined up. I'm going to say st. Mirren for the drop, only on the basis that I haven't got a clue about anyone else.
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