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  1. Suppose the good thing about this fixture is, that I never ever have any optimism or hope due to being burnt far too often. Despite their apparent disarray and rumours re: Lemon, I still think DM will stifle us. Would love to wake up to a positive result, but anything is a bonus nowadays.
  2. Not a lot hasn’t made sense at that club recently.
  3. Koeman really hasn’t had a good start to the season. What’s their deal, just not clicking or terrible tactics?
  4. Gave us some very memorable times and players. Gutted by this news and it’s been great reading folks stories about him. Rest easy, Ebbe
  5. A (hun) mate of mine sent it to me but fortunately it was a BT link and i couldn't watched it. The still was of the rat smiling so I avoided it like the plague
  6. Sorry, been laid up for nearly a week with gastro...all of us had it, barely been able to look at a computer screen. Anyway, back in the game and thank you to you and Jute for filling in the blanks in my absence
  7. Leigh at LB would be my preference, we know that he's capable, albeit probably not as explosive as Hayes. First half was a good watch although I didn't ever feel like we were in control of it. Just fucking awesome going forward and that Fergie effort, pure golazo. Second half, those subs, wtf. I could sort of understand it because they were getting the upper hand, but it didn't work in our favour at all. I think the only sub I was impressed with was McLennan, he put in a decent shift. We really should have been flying on confidence after that game but I know I certainly felt a bit deflated, which is ridiculous considering we scored four fucking goals. Still, I do fear for the games against the tattie munchers, they'll be hurting post hun.
  8. So my prediction of not having a proper striker did come back to bite us. Didn't expect us to end in a goalless draw though. shite result for us.
  9. According to the AFC site, last time we played there was 11/02/18 and we lost 4-2 - https://www.afc.co.uk/overview/?FixGuid=20DA7719#match-overview I've looked elsewhere and looks like AFC have the score the wrong way around?
  10. What the fuck happened to that guy?!?
  11. Last time we played them at tannalice, we lost 4-2. Had forgotten that and certainly want to be (w)righting that wrong.
  12. Arab's haven't been very good of late so i'd hope we'd be giving a few of their former dons nightmares. Should have enough to see them off but it feels like we're always a bit off after international breaks. We started to come into a decent bit of form so i hope that continues. Certainly Consi should be buoyed by his decent international performance. Lack of goals will probably show up in this game so I think we'll win, but not by much. When is Cosgrove back? 2-1 Dons, Hedges and Consi
  13. Absolutely, he did our club proud. Superb start to my day! I only watched because he got the call up as the national team barely register these days. But as I said, great to see him in the national jersey.
  14. Great seeing him in a Scotland shirt
  15. Happy enough with the deal. He’s a class act, no doubt about it but the club have to be cautious. Given how the club stuck by him during his rehab, I’d hope he’d repay that if it works out for him (and us).
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