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  1. manc_don


    Thankfully the opposition don't (thank god as they'd have leaked it to the press). But the govt are trying to trace the source. Latest theory is from some frozen fish that the husband may have handled at the cold storage place And aye, they're like weegies I've often compared Auckland / Wellington to Glasgow / Edinburgh mentality. Although slightly less arsehole behaviour from Wellingtonians.
  2. manc_don


    Apologies, Rico. It was probably more tongue in cheek from me re: Aucklanders. I don't particularly like their attitudes nor their city, but them being the biggest population centre, it's not really surprising. Regardless, the opposition, who have been in complete turmoil (on their third leader who is famous for leaking info and dirty politics) and haven't a clue what they're talking about. If they actually STFU, they'd be more helpful to the cause. Really hoping that the govt are able to find the cause of this and we keep the lockdown to Auckland only. We've seen how inaction (a la Melbourne) so i'm glad they're acted swiftly. Our economy will bounce back, as it did. Definitely better to go all out than a softly approach imo.
  3. manc_don


    That's us in NZ going up a level. Auckland ruining it for everyone (unsurprisingly). Someone (and not the govt) isn't telling the truth. A family of four tested positive for the virus and didn't have any links to border staff or travel. They have to have known someone working at one of the quarantine facilities or indeed one of the selfish pricks that had gone to visit people at them. Auckland in a 3 day (likely longer) lockdown, with the rest of the country at level 2 and to practice social distancing again. Unsurprisingly, the tory opposition are up in arms. They've taken a hammering over the course of this as they've been shown to be economically driven and heartless.
  4. A mate of mine was really hoping we'd sign him, but your final sentence was why we probably wouldn't sign him. Very much a Hibs player.
  5. Still can’t believe the aftermath of that explosion. Truly horrific. Seems like the authorities are going to have a good few riots on their hands. Just mental that you would think it sensible to store something so explosive near a population centre.
  6. The post I saw had an article dated from Feb. I'm going to hold passing judgement until it comes from the club.
  7. https://www.afc.co.uk/2020/08/06/club-statement-22/ Definitely a potential upside
  8. https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/news/coronavirus-joint-response-group-update-6-august/ Game proceeds
  9. Mate of mine was in soul on sat night and said there were a few out. But given he’s a killie fan, he’s probably only recognise a few. Still, hope the club comes down hard on those involved. I mean, what the fuck?
  10. Crazy that he’s played for 17 different clubs during his pro career so far
  11. Usually I’d say that this is normally a horrific watch, so it obviously makes sense to have it on tv, but given there are no fans and all games are viewable remotely , it doesn’t really make much of a difference . Never enjoy these games. will they be a different beast without wright? Draw against the arabs on the first day is hard to judge, as they played half the game with 10 men, so I imagine we’ll see another cautious McInnes set up. Really hope we don’t try and accommodate the same three central midfielders , it didn’t work. I have no doubt we will see anderson on the bench, but I’d like to see either mcginn alongside him or Edmondson. Play to his strength please DM. out bed night feed bed 1-1 , mcginn
  12. The above is a good summation of my thoughts. Covid has robbed us of his possible departure. I mean obviously Milne did that too but this summer was supposed to be the time we parted amicably . We don’t play football anymore, it’s just seriously shite to watch for nearly three years.
  13. I wanted to keep the subscription up, but the increase in cost was just too much for me at the mo. It looks a lot slicker, so glad to hear it's working out for everyone.
  14. Aye it’s not bad. Surprised mcginn doesn’t start but I dunno, maybe keeping him as an impact sub makes sense given his age now.
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