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  1. It's more that he stands behind watching them all chaser the same ball and be dragged around and never cracks up. He also commands nothing. Wider point was that it's been a long time since he was outstanding in any game, never mind a big one. Solid, yes, a winner, not really, a skipper?? Not for me
  2. Fuck sake. When will the defence get their shit together? What's the captain doing because he's organising fuck all and to be honest he hasn't turned up in a big game for a long time either.
  3. Would playing hedges and Kennedy in their stronger sides not make sense. Always cutting in and slowing the break.
  4. If we had 5 subs every week, he could fix all his mistakes
  5. Great feet from fitzwater to be fair. Squeaky bum time.
  6. Oh he’s watching and snuffing out the positivity with McGeouch.
  7. Oops, great finish and touch
  8. Picture was too poor to tell if it really was.
  9. Christ on a bike, that was rotten again. Nobody putting their foot on the ball. Always looking for a second ball. How are Hayes, Wright and Kennedy supposed to feed off that and create anything? p.s I still think Kennedy isn’t better than McLennan.
  10. Better than Thursday at least. Don’t understand why we don’t even try to play out though.
  11. Think macrorie, McKenna And ash between them is a decent back 3. we have a glut of useless DMC’s. Ferguson apart. if we indeed got 3-5-2 there’s about 6 wingers who’ll be doing nowt this season. id love to see us attack using hedges, Wright, Hayes, Kennedy, mcginn as well as a striker but I fear we’re heading for Bryson behind a front two ( and we only have one ) with full backs pushing on. This would be fine if we didn’t sit so deep.
  12. My mind has just blown, now I’ve no idea but we’ve got a lot of wingers on!
  13. Joe mcrorie. Ash. Hoban hernandez ojo. Deano. Johnny wright fergie. Mcginn or fergie playing CAM with 2, or 2 behind McGinn?
  14. Can anyone see the exact formation? Is it 3/5/2 or something else because my head hurts trying to work it out.
  15. It’s relative to him being the only guy in the first half to try and have more than 2 touches and a 3 yard pass. We look like unlocking bugger all. The quality is awful after a week of sublime passing on telly.
  16. How can we make so much talent look amateur? Wright the only pass marks in the first half for me
  17. I'd like to see him back playing on the opposite side from Kennedy . I think McGinn is past his best and could make way for this. McGinn in the #10 role is a decent possibility as we've not really filled it last season and despite what the glasgow media say, fergie isn't a technically strong enough player to play there. IMO. I see him as a holding player or box to box depending on formation ( with DM that's holding ) I think it would be a toss up between McGinn and hedges for that 10 spot but I'd love to see wright back fully fit and going in there. I know he has his critics but if he's add
  18. Pretty disappointing. Someone seems to have missed the point that kids want cool strips. Looks like a real off the shelf number with no real thought. Oh! And hideous white bits. I don't mind the away, quite like the design but again I'm not a fan of the sponsors patch. Again, doesn't look like it was created with pride.
  19. Finished second season of STID this week. Do you think hat Martin Bain is the worst chairman in history?
  20. Like everyone, I've had time on my hands. Things of note Tiger king: ok, but not brilliant Animal kingdom: just started this, a lot like SOA. Hoping it lives up to the start ( on iptv, not sure usual place ) Ozark s3: really good 100 humans: educational and amusing but full of eccentric yanks Friday night dinner: new season on all 4, class programme Narcos Mexico : meh Don't fuck with cats: if you haven't seen it, watch it. Weird start but the end blows your mind. Maradonna in Mexico: brilliant, better than his documentary
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