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  1. I thought our first half performance was pretty decent. Their keeper had two or three top class saves and there was at least one block on the line (or at least close to it) we also had a few effort that were inches away from woodwork. Ramsay looked really good, can beat a man and put in some excellent crosses. Our defence had a few uncharacteristic shaky moments, however, I'm not actually surprised by that. If the team is not scoring, it puts huge pressure on the defence and goalkeeper to keep a clean sheet and a match against lower league opposition just heightens that pressure! I was also im
  2. Absolutely, thanks Shay. Whilst the last couple of years have not been your best, you have been a loyal servant and always gave everything. #onceadonalwaysadon Stand Free loon.
  3. Got to be a defender I think, given the number of clean sheets and also lack of goals. Hoban got my vote with Considine a very close 2nd. Taylor also has done well.
  4. Sorry but I am starting this because it has been mentioned a number of times that there are a few players out of contract, however, I don't know who they all are. Only ones I know for definite are Hoban and Leigh. We HAVE to resign Hoban surely! He has been solid for us and he owes us something for helping him resurrect his career. I would also like to give Leigh a chance. He is a good attacking full back, is still reasonably young and if he kicks on, could make us some cash or be a great player for us. Can anyone help out with who else? If Logan is out of contract, I am sure he will be a
  5. The noises coming from Cormack are suggesting that Glass will be given money. Cormack has put his neck on the line with this appointment so he will have to do everything he can to make it a success. He actually said in his interview that he thought the fans would be excited in the next few weeks, they must have something lined up other than Broonie and the boy Russell. I think that they must have had talks with players about pre-contracts. Strange thing to do ahead of appointing the new manager.....
  6. This was supposed to be happening until COVID hit. Hopefully we will get a couple of pre-season friendlies with them this year, if we are allowed. It would be worth a lot of money to us!
  7. Some good points and very interesting to hear from someone with first hand experience. We will just have to wait and see. Don't forget though, Stephen Glass played almost his entire career in the SPL and the EPL so he has had his footballing education here.
  8. Well I for one am excited about the future. I was impressed with Glass' interview on RedTV and also Cormack. It sounds like they already have some new players identified and that they will be investing in the squad this summer. There is a real ignorance about US Major League Soccer. For all a lot of people can't stand the US and the style they put on sport, they know how to do it and invest in grass roots and coaching etc. In my opinion, the US are far better at professional sport that we are. Glass comes to us with a really good education which is a lot more than can be said for some young ma
  9. Why? Shay won't be likely to forgive and forget, why would he? Or why should he for that matter?!?
  10. Welcome home Stephen, good to have 'one of our own' at the helm! I thought I'd start a new thread for him as he is confirmed as the new manager now and no longer speculation and I thought he deserved his own thread! More of this please Sir!
  11. That's not what I meant, poor choice of words, sorry. I mean, he will likely not have any grudge to hold against Shay, whereas Shay will not be likely to forgive and forget.
  12. If Broonie does take the job, that will be curtains for Shay Logan. Those two hate each other, Broonie might rise above it but there is no way Shay will.
  13. Welcome home Stephen! Stand free loon. #onceadonalwaysadon
  14. Just had a read on the managerial career of Martin Rennie (who I hear you ask!) Exactly what I said. It was an article in the Evening Express that said Brian Irvine recommended him. So it piqued my interest. First off he had no senior professional football career but neither did Jose Mourinho. From what I can tell, every club he has gone to, he has improved them and broken records. He has managed tier 2 clubs in the US primarily but also successfully managed Vancouver Whitecaps. He was the manager when Kenny Miller and Barry Robson went there. He has won and been nominated for numerous manager
  15. Has anyone suggested Paul Lambert? He has been pretty successful as a manager and has the experience as a player of winning and winning big. He has been managing League One sides of late, so Pittodrie shouldn't be seen as a step down for him. I guess it would depend upon how much we were willing to pay and if his family is settled in middle England. Plus he is out of a job just now, so no compensation to pay!
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