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  1. Possibly, you might've mentioned their names to her that day?
  2. "Statistics are like miniskirts - they give you good ideas but hide the important things!" RIP Ebbe. Absolute legend!
  3. BTW, I don't know if anyone has noticed but year on year, our coefficient has gone up. And with this it is more likely that we will be seeded in the 3rd qualifying round. If we keep doing what we are doing, I.e. getting to the 3rd round each year then we will, soon enough, be seeded and then have a far greater chance of qualifying for the play off round. If you look at a lot of the seeded teams in the 3rd qualifying round, they haven't done much in Europe just been steady qualifiers year on year and had the odd play off round and maybe getting to the group stages. Patience is the game.
  4. We had a few decent chances but non to trouble their keeper. I think we did well. It is easy to judge after the match and say we were to defensive and weren't brave enough but the thing that we will never know is, would they have picked us off and ended up hammering us, if we had gone for it? The way they were passing the ball about.. probably. I think we did the right thing, perhaps could've had Wright on a bit sooner may 60 mins rather than 70.
  5. All spot on! I think Brewster is in the photo but his head is chopped off! Certainly looks like his monstrous build! Not sure if that is Scott Thomson on the far left cut off. If it is, there is only one player in the photo not linked with the Dons! Not sure who he is but I recognise him.
  6. What I would say and it's just my opinion..... we played well tonight and probably deserved to take the match to extra time. We are far more exciting going forward this season with Hayes, Hedges and Wright. I really like the look of Watkins but..... we are crying out for Cosgrove or Main! We need a striker - someone that has the instinct to be in the right place, at the right time. I'm not saying we would've won tonight with Cosgrove, in fact with that ref, he would've been booked for consistent fouling, as would Main. For us to continue winning games and to challenge at the top end of the league, we need more actual strikers on our books. I think that was part of the problem against Motherwell, when we lost two early goals, the belief was not there as we knew we would struggle to find the net more than once.
  7. Check the Dunfermline Athletic photo below. It is a sea of future/past Aberdeen players! I looked it up and there were no fewer than 7 future Don's players and 2 former Don's players. There is also a future manager too! See who can get them all.....no cheating! BTW not all the players are in the photo!
  8. Anyone know which of their players are out due to COVID-19? Is it all first picks or fringe players or mixture of both? You know how the newspapers love to sensationalize things - there is probably only 2 of their first team regulars and the rest will be 'squad members'! I am praying it is all their key players though!! So glad the club are showing this again. Really wish I had cancelled my Premier Sports as soon as the first match was over. What a waste of money! Looking forward to it tonight, I just hope that we got the glitch out of our system on Sunday and we are right back up for it again tonight! I am hoping that the loss of players and manager and lack of game time for Sporting will play in our favour. There will be huge pressure on them to win as it would be seen as an embarrassment if they lost to us. Even although Rangers beat Portuguese opposition twice last season.
  9. Just got a reply from @Aberdeenfc on twitter to say they hope to release info on PPV this afternoon!
  10. Doubt the club will risk putting the squad on a scheduled public flight. That would be an uncontrolled environment in which they could contract COVID-19. Less risk chartering a flight.
  11. Has anyone seen anywhere, what would happen with regards to the european placing, should the season be finished now, or made null and void? I presume, if it was null and void, they would use the final placings from last season for european qualification. If it was finalised now, who gets the Scottish cup place? I suppose the fairest way to allocate that would be to the next place in the league, which happens to be us. A little unfair on Hearts or Hibs as one of them would definitely have made it to the final but how else can you call it? Any rumours or suggestions?
  12. I know he has his doubters but for me Andy Considine is a player I would have as one of the first on the team sheet every week! He gives his all, he is a leader on the park and versatility between left back and centre half is a great thing to have. For a big lad, he gets up and down the line and has a great cross on him. He has dedicated his career to AFC and what I'd like to say is, what does he have to do to deserve the Don's fans singing 'He's one of our own?' He really is one of our own always has been and always will be. Stand Free Andy!
  13. Started this one early but I noticed that Alan Power is suspended due to a red card but Gary Dicker has had 8 yellow cards in the SPFL this season and he hasn't missed a single minute of football. Can anyone shed any light on this? The SFA protocols are such that a player should serve a 1 match ban after 6 yellow cards. The ban applies 14 days after the date of his 6th yellow. In the case of Dicker, his 6th yellow was against Celtic on 22/1/20. 14 days after that was 5th Feb. He has not missed a game. He has since been booked twice. I cannot see anything about him being suspended. Anyone got any ideas? It would be great if both Dicker and Power were suspended for our match. They are the driving force behind Killie.
  14. I don't see what's wrong with Aurora? It literally means 'a new dawn' which this is for the club and the double meaning of sounding like 'Don'! I would never vote for any name of a person or business. I hate stadiums that are named like that. Nothing wrong with honouring a past chairman, manager or player by naming a suite or even stand after them but the name of the stadium has to unique like Pittodrie, Tynecastle or Tannadice etc.
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