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  1. Just saw this . Defo had his ups and downs as manager but he was a hell of a character. Smoking on the bench, red arrows, the interviews and quotes... His time with the club was certainly very memorable if not always for the right reasons . Loved his passion for the game though and I agree with Tom, his celebration for dows winner against hibs in the semi final is amazing. He also brought a few of my very favourite ever dons to the club. Zerouali and Stavrum in particular and bisconti was a superb player too. My best friend had a kid today, I'll be raising a glass to her safe arrival this eve but I'll be raising one for Mr Skovdahl too. RIP Ebbe, thanks for the memories.
  2. Another really good finish too, he has a eye for goal for sure.
  3. Paul mcginn from hibs too, don't know much about him. Would love to see Griffiths added to the squad too but not counting any chickens
  4. Considines been called up. Fucking delighted for him, well deserved.
  5. I have to say I know it wasn't the best to watch last night but the big positive for me performance wise was I thought we looked like a Steve Clarke side for the first time last night. Not a Steve Clarke side playing particularly well right enough but a Steve Clarke side nonetheless. Some of the hyperbole that has followed is ridiculous, we got through and bar one chance in extra time didn't give them a sniff. From where we have come from and especially given it was a virgin defence I will take that all day long.
  6. Picked up a bit now. Edmundson has made a difference.
  7. Night and day between that performance and the one against der hun. The bench was ludicrously strong too, when Cosgrove and and Edmundson are fit its going to be the strongest squad we have had in a long time.
  8. Hopefully that is 3 at the back. Really don't fancy Boyle running at consi if he's lb
  9. Precious . Aye rocket, I'm the precious one, don't let anyone tell you any different.... Though you strike me as the kind of person that can't be told anything so I suppose that's unnecessary advice. Putting up a sign saying you're going off topic doesn't make it invisible to everyone who just wants to talk about the game. I don't think anyone who posts on here regularly could possibly blame me for being bored of your proselytising.
  10. Do us a favour folks, go create a gambling thread if you want to bicker about the morality of gambling. This is a really interesting fixture. We are starting to look like we are up to match speed, and hibs are going to be a real test. Not looking forward to facing Boyle, he's always good against us.
  11. Well Saturday was grim but my honest feeling on it is both teams looked miles off game pace. The goal we conceded reeked of a defence that hadn't played enough together in recent times. Annoyingly I was just thinking we had weathered their fairly energetic but not much cutting edge storm too. Thought hernandez looked pretty decent in spots though so fingers crossed for him. Seen ojo take a lot of stick, at least he got involved and I certainly didn't think he was out worst performer. I would love to know how many touches bryson actually got of the ball as he was a complete passenger. Given the context of the season it was a cunt of a first game to get but at least its out of the way. Re Mcinnes. Like many I wouldn't necessarily be adverse to a change depending who it was changing for but given the team hasn't played a competitive game for 4-5 months some of the comments are waaaaaaaay over the top. Besides, he's not going anywhere so it's fairly pointless talking about it.
  12. Just heard a rumour that Steven Fletcher is at cormack Park and cormack will be paying his wage
  13. It's easy to feel a bit apprehensive about this one because the huns are going to be all kinds of motivated to get a good start. But under all kinds of pressure too and losing your star centre forward less than a week before the campaign starts will not help them. If we win this can you imagine the meltdown though? Guy I work with is a big rangers fan, he's pretty switched on for one of them though and he reckons they are still soft in the middle of defence. Cant deal with crosses apparently. Honestly got no idea how this one will go but I think it's safe to say they will be coming at us from ko. As long as we don't concede early and let them get any momentum though we should be fairly evenly matched. If you offered me a point just now I would probably take it.
  14. Do it or or don't but actually having an issue with it is basically saying you think it's OK for a person to be murdered slowly and in plain view of the public by the police whilst he's begging for his life. Lest we forget it was all because they thought he may have spent a fake 20 buck note.
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