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  1. Maybe... but if we don’t learn anything from it then why even bother?
  2. Anderson is a poacher not someone that’s going to hold up the play. We need to change up the midfield.
  3. Wee Ronny Hernandez has been somewhat promising, needs to get forward more.
  4. The whole midfield has been, Bryson especially. We have options in the middle, hopefully he switches it up
  5. I guess Sam really didn't want to take a knee on Saturday...
  6. Nevermind, working now
  7. Anyone else having issues logging into RedTV today? Maybe they are updating something?
  8. Not a big fan of politics in fitba but at least this is prior to kick off: https://www.eveningexpress.co.uk/fp/sport/football/aberdeen-fc/donsnews/derek-mcinnes-says-aberdeen-would-have-taken-the-knee-for-black-lives-matter-ahead-of-rangers-game-with-or-without-official-backing/ If it was like in England when it was after the KO in some cases then I seriously wouldn't put it past the Huns to run up the park and put one in the net while we took the knee....
  9. I'm surprised honestly that I haven't heard more about him this year amongst the support - and that may in effect answer the question in the poll. However, I'm curious what everyone thinks - are we missing him or has his loss been minimal?
  10. Personally I see it more like the end of a long term relationship. You had some good times but now you suspect she’s cheating on you with your worst enemy. But you can’t actually bring yourself to believe it. I mean, she telt you she loves you and you were the one for her. Eventually realization sets in and ye hate the hoor.... Plenty more fish in the sea!
  11. My money is on a glorious failure against the English which buys Strachan some more time...
  12. https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/sport/football/aberdeen-fc/1059691/bookies-derek-mcinnes-favourite-named-next-scotland-boss/
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