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  1. Boys if it had been a normal year as I've said to Robert Wicks at club major likelihood is we wouldn't have got NSI Runavik, Viking Stavanger, Sporting Lisbon or whoever later today as draw has been regionilised to cut down on travel. Calm down with all the what a great trip we've missed out on as all false!!!
  2. I'm not counting it myself given the stupid circumstances we're playing in right now but did I see somewhere that tonight a victory would mean Derek McInnes has more away victories in Europe than Sir Alex Ferguson now??
  3. I think all three ties against Kairat Almaty, Maribor, Apollon Limassol were very winnable and we should have had at least two from three bite at Play-Off Round. What did other people think were major differences to us winning against then losing four years apart with HNK Rijeka?? Seems last year is a puzzling loss especially in Croatia. I'll be delighted if we make Sporting Lisbon tie later but I'm just not feeling football generally speaking right now without any supporters. I hate one legged crap too. Plus it has been regionalised meaning any normal year and we probably wouldn't have got the teams we have nevermind Portuguese mob lying in wait. Play-Off Round gets drawn tomorrow for playing 1st October right? Let us hope we at least give ourselves chance of being in hat tonight. Our other friends FC Copenhagen left it very late but somebody I know had £4,000 on them to win outright against IFK Gotenborg so I'm pleased somebody has had a decent end to their day.
  4. Whatever happened to the boy Campanile who scored winner in Energy Cities Community Cup against Viking FK in 2013???
  5. I've just had a difference of opinion with somebody at club over phone as to what counts as a genuine record. For me it is four years since we beat Celtic in a competitive game as I don't count winning 1-0 at Parkhead on last day of 2017-18 season as Celtic had nothing to play for having won league. Person I spoke to think it does matter. Whose side do you side with??
  6. I'm taking reason Mr Logan announced his future business venture while still at club does mean he will be leaving football behind at end of his current contract??
  7. Can somebody explain the Europa Conference League which starts next season and is actually under Europa League in terms of importance!!! I think it is kind of like an excuse to bring Cup Winners Cup back but in a league format. Hopefully we might be able to attend these games this time 2021 if we've qualified.
  8. I have to keep reminding myself this year's qualifying phase isn't like any normal one and not just because games are single legged but also the draw itself would have been so much different if not regionalised. That is why I'm taking it all with a pinch of salt win, lose. draw. I'll be delighted if we could beat Viking Stavanger, Sporting Lisbon then whoever in Play-Off to reach Group Stages but I'm treating whole journey as a glorified preseason given us supporters aren't able to attend also.
  9. Can anybody confirm our European squad as I saw online a few days ago that Dean Campbell wasn't in the twenty-five but he was on bench last night?
  10. You know I'm in a real funny place right now when it comes to my football and how important it is especially with not being able to attend a match like tonight. Last Friday I learned of the death of a girl we used to be a neighbour of for 15 years til 2014 before she moved away to be with a bloke. I'd grown up from being a 19 year old boy into a 34 year old man alongside one and was even in a sexual relationship with her for nearly eight years between 2005 and 2013. I've not got confirmation of cause of death but utterly GUTTED!! Wasn't Covid-19 though. Only 49 years old too. She still worked in same town after leaving block but changed address to another part of Scottish Borders yet never really acknowledged us ever again when seeing each other in Market Square or at local Co-op which hurt so much. Lost only other lady to love me back in April albeit we hadn't spoken for about 18 years til December 2019. She died in her sleep aged just 38 years old. Could do with the team really stepping up next few months and putting a smile back on my face as I'm bloody struggling to make sense of these last four months. Sorry for going off majorly off topic here.
  11. Do I dare bring up how we struggled for a win at home to Sporting Circle Fola Esch in 2016??? Really don't know what to expect for tomorrow night. Prefer seeing us up against teams we aren't expected to beat as I think it makes for a better game. Thought we did really well back in day to hold Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk (first European game), Lokomotiv Moscow, Bayern Munich to a draw and FC Copenhagen win does speak for itself. Personally our three drawn matches at Home with FK Shkendija, HNK Rijeka, Kairat Almaty have been my favourite campaign witnessed 'Live' as it felt as though we'd had a group stage type experience given quality of opposition faced. Mind if Danny Rogers hadn't made that important late save round post where Macedonian tie was concerned wouldn't have seen two very decent comebacks against Croats and Kazakh's. Think going 2-0 and 1-0 down respectively and salvaging something on evening really meant a lot to me considering effort we make to attend from Scottish Borders. Loved how Groningen, Maribor, Siroki Brijeg, Burnley couldn't beat one at Pittodrie. Thought we deserved the victories against Apollon Limassol and Rovaniemen Palloseura but glad we didn't hammer the Cypriot and Finnish sides as I felt they were pretty competent. Only real game I have beef with is Sigma Olomouc. That sort of result you'd expect from Bayern Munch coming to town but not a Czech Republic outfit. Not sure I'll ever get over it. I think Valur in 1993 during Cup Winners Cup journey was our initial introduction into European escapades.
  12. Rico, what Daugava Riga bet against themselves when we played them?? Never heard that before!! I knew one had folded a year after our tie.
  13. Are they semi-professional? Lad up front scored a hat-trick against Barry Town United. He's Faroese All Time Top Scorer with nearly 200 goals. Remember Skonto Riga and Bohemians home results which still haunt me to this day. Even Sigma Olomouc is a dagger to my heart but as I said to Robert Wicks today if we don't make second round qualifying we deserve to be banned from European competition for at least a decade.
  14. Don't know if any of you watched the Snooker last fortnight or so but I enjoyed it without the crowd. When a phone goes off while a player is on said shot or somebody is trying to take a picture it does BOIL MY BLOOD!! I've only been a proper Ronnie O'Sullivan fan since shortly before 2012 World Championships and got (8/1) on him when winning that year and then again as he defended title 2013 (£12.50 e/w 1-2, 1/2 odds both times) after a whole season off tour. Usually been the favourite between 2015 and 2019 so haven't done guy much since. Just do a tournament like The Masters (picked up winnings at (7/2) 2014 Mark Selby and (3/1) 2016 Barry Hawkins but missed out 2017 Joe Perry as pretty much stopped betting for two years) or UK Championship (got (100/30) 2014 Judd Trump Final, (4/1) 2017 Shaun Murphy Final, (3/1) 2018 Mark Allen Final) which I can watch throughout without needing SKY and never go above a £30 stake. Does the fact he had none of said razzmatazz where a normal Crucible atmosphere concerned devalue his achievement Sunday evening?????? As seen below secured (9/2) on him November 2019 which I'm obviously delighted with despite a small £92.81 profit.
  15. Given the fact we don't know when any of us will be allowed back inside a stadium to watch our team again, said Covid-19 scandal from a fortnight ago, European adventure however long it shall last being just one game per round can anybody fill me with enthusiasm for upcoming season as I can't be bothered with it!!! Lost interest which one don't like. Closed door action is worst spectacle we've ever seen and I'd rather game was halted until supporters are back for good and at full capacity.
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