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  1. I have heard so many different view about this movie where some theme is concerned but wondered does anybody have an opinion on what main message might be?? Feel as if we had a similar experience with that American girl story one mentioned recently.
  2. How he never made step up to senior side after representing England at all age groups we will never know.
  3. Maybe not one of his best saves he has made for us but at 0-0 in this tie and needing to score ourselves probably one of my personal favourite!!
  4. Yes only a penalty without said full house pressure but once more another late, late goal for Lewis Ferguson to secure us another positive outcome.
  5. Just watched highlights of 6-5 win at Motherwell. German Maestro Andreas Mayer had FOUR ASSISTS in the game. Won tackle which set Andy Dow up for 1-0. Hit post as Robbie Winters made it 3-1. Slid pass in where Robbie's hat-trick and 5-2 concerned before then pinging the slow motion goal of Paul Bernard!!!!!!
  6. Big Al, I mentioned him in my book right??
  7. So do we class any of the squad other than Andrew Considine from 2007-08 season when making UEFA Cup Last 32 as a legend or is it based around winning trophies??
  8. Will I see anybody in my lifetime hit a century at the club?? Been a supporter since 1991 so I'm guessing Eoin Jess, Adam Rooney, Duncan Shearer, Billy Dodds, Scott Booth, Darren Mackie are the only ones I've seen hit fifty plus nevermind the magical number of which I talk about.
  9. Before leaving for South Korea I was convinced our Niall was going to be the first Aberdeen player I'd see reaching 100 goals for the club. Now I'm not so sure. Discuss.
  10. What how to find the three Aberdeen fans who looked after me?!?!?!
  11. I'm just wondering and this is a long shot but back on Saturday August 4th 2007 three Aberdeen fans looked after me before and after our 1-0 loss to Dundee United. I believe their names began with a D, P, S, as I called them Dex, Pedro, Silky in a story we wrote about that day as it took an unexpected turn after we declined their offer to go back to Aberdeen with them to drown our sorrows. They took me to The Centenary Bar before game and Old Bank Bar before train home where I bought a round for us all as a thank you. I also could have got picked up by my Mam at Waverley as she was
  12. I was thinking about some of these stupid results lately including Manchester City 2 v 5 Leicester City (three penalties to The Foxes I might add), Manchester United 1 v 6 Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa 7 v 2 Liverpool to name just three. Is the lack of crowd in any way responsible for the many U-12's goal count that are cropping up?? Wonder whether all these VAR decision for penalties, disallowed goals, red cards, is also influenced by fact there are no supporters shouting abuse at the officials so they feel like they can give them more freely?? Honestly HATE football right now even though
  13. Don't know about anybody else but since Covid-19 Chaos got ramped up even further last few week my mental health has started suffering once again. Around September 15th for a reason unknown to me we decided I'd phone Talk Radio where I had some very short chat regarding their 10pm - 1am host Cristo Foufas. Chatted about how people get pronunciation of words so wrong and use grammar generally speaking said silly way. However conversation made one snap out from our really daft mood we'd been in. Actually enjoyed myself on air. Following that first communication I've made a further four call
  14. Dundalk have qualified for the Group Stages tonight for second time in four years. We should be embarrassed my fellow Dandies.
  15. Feels like whether it is McGeough or Cosgrove potentially on the way out the Covid-19 Eight are slowly but surely getting moved on quietly. Bryson having his contract ripped up McKenna sold for peanuts. Anderson and Devlin not looking like getting a game anytime soon plus Kennedy being used sparingly. I for one if this is true welcome everything that is apparently unfolding. I'm having nobody embarrass my football team global pandemic happening or not.
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