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  1. Must admit Nicholson's equaliser and Clark's winner both at Tynecastle one was there both times and utterly brilliant as one off moments. Also attended FC Copenhagen match which I wish we could relive every day. One didn't mention 2-2 Bayern Munich draw as that is a personal memory nobody will really understand especially if they've had benefit of being around in 1983 when actually beating them.
  2. I was watching that Decade Of The Moment 2010-19 video again last few days and thought to myself was the decade before 2000-09 not a bit of a non event in many respects?? Can anybody give me ten to fifteen moments from that era which would do it justice??
  3. I've just got quite emotional when our Commercial Director Robert Wicks in a Twitter direct message said he was 'humbled' by the length I go to support my team. He asked if one could give us a phone call so don't know what this will be about.
  4. I saw this goal again the other night and have never noticed how cool Anthony O'Connor's reaction to James Maddison's late winner is. You know quite arrogant; "That was always going in."
  5. At least with Sensible World Of Soccer you were allowed a few more in the overall squad number but just got the really old Sega Mega Drive version from 1992 on the PC not that we play it all that much.
  6. As everybody does know only sixteen players allowed on this game. I have Lewis and Cerny as my keeper option with Logan, Considine, McKenna, Taylor, Devlin, Hernandez as defending pool. Only four allowed in midfield including Hedges, Ojo, Bryson, Ferguson and even then we had to put McGeouch with McGinn, Cosgrove, Main as an attacking force. Who do I delete for Jonny Hayes????????
  7. Between getting upto speed fitness wise and now Covid-19 our Venezuelan international hasn't had the best start to his Aberdeen career. Are we ever going to see him flourish??
  8. Was the key word from Cormack not 'temporary'? I think once this is over the lads will be rewarded in a way seen fit for such a decent bunch.
  9. Big Al, I nearly got my second short stories book published in 2012/13 called 'Girl Power' that was about 55 pages long and talked about my lack of success with opposite sex. Albeit there was a tale or two with a slight twist on the 'female' theme. Mental Health publisher Chipmunka were getting a bit funny with me about getting final edit in when watching my Mam die which I didn't appreciate so one pulled it from them. Not bothered looking for another publisher since given everything that has went on. As for bizarre title years ago I was talking to a lad in bookies who couldn't believe I was going to Aberdeen twice in two days for our last two home league fixtures. I replied; "You know me John I'd travel from Timbuktu to the Amazon Rainforest to watch my team if that was what was required."
  10. I'm thinking we would like to explore how my relationship with the club has changed since I lost my Mam seven years ago?? Even have a rough title for it already; "From Timbuktu To The Amazon Rainforest". What do you all think????
  11. I was telling him about how we played in Lapland last year and we've been treated to some lovely countries like Spain, Croatia, Latvia, Cyprus, Georgia and BURNLEY IN LANCASHIRE!! Pity we probably won't get chance to experience another new place or two later this year if awarded Europa League Qualifying spot for finishing fourth. Big Al, Last twelve and a bit weeks have been BRUTAL for me it has to be said. Especially living alone and self isolating despite not showing any symptoms. Some very dark moments indeed. Haven't really had anybody check in with me other than one phone call in April from Berwickshire Wheels who take me to the hospital a lot, three calls via Momentum a brain injury charity one has had help off last four or five year. GP called just twice and long lost brother's ex-wife Beverley contacted us thrice but he himself hasn't bothered!!! Local Housing Association only got in touch last week. Couple of text messages from Kev my usual taxi driver. However really disappointed in response from family and friends. Nobody has off their own back helped or contacted SeeBass.
  12. Given this "Coronavirus Chaos" I've been struggling alone both physically and emotionally lately so phoned Breathing Space and was enthralling the lad we spoke with about our European adventures last seven years and how there are many aspects of the journey in this sphere that fascinate me. Do we still hold the record regarding longest distance travelled for a European game especially one that wasn't even in mainland Europe??
  13. Donsdaft, my friend Dave works for IT Department at East Lothian Council and has been responsible alongside another of his colleagues for looking after their whole network from home while Coronavirus Chaos been happening. Pity you didn't live close to me!! He built me a new computer which I'm so pleased with.
  14. Talking of Stewart McKimmie and Euro 1992 why was he given No.9 shirt as a squad number?!?!
  15. If the club charge £50 for a shirt how much of that do they actually get to put toward our overall bank balance??
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