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  1. I'll say it again but; "I love the ring of Hornby and Hendry, a bit like Buckley and Yorston in the fifties!!"
  2. Does McInnes deserve praise for having some balls to change things around so drastically or is it desperation time???
  3. Andrew, we will need to agree to disagree. I personally think something of that nature can give an individual a vital bit of perspective in life so young and at same time allow one to flourish in whatever they choose to do with their future.
  4. Just read Hendry lost his Mum to meningitis aged twelve after a cosmetic surgery procedure went wrong. Hope this horrible tragedy in early life means he has a bit of spirit and passion about him.
  5. Hornby and Hendry has a nice ring to it. A bit like Buckley and Yorston in the fifties!!!
  6. Am I right in saying Tomas Cerny's two games both came at Easter Road which finished in 2-1 victories for us?? I'm certain because we were annoyed as one hasn't been able to get a ticket for my nearest away ground for a number of years now. Apparently all that travel I've done to Pittodrie over said years (eight hour round trip each and every time) and Mr Seymour still isn't able to even apply for a ticket through this awful loyalty points system club has!! Last trip to Leith October 2017. I've also only got to Tynecastle twice in last seven years. Missed out on so many decent res
  7. Can anybody tell me how many penalties have been given to Rangers against us since Steven Gerrard became boss?? I'm sure it is in double figure!!
  8. Jason (covid) Denayer. Sorry I've spent nearly ten months by myself and I'm bored. Please add to my weak attempt!!
  9. Still a bit gutted Kari Arnason coming back didn't work for both parties. I've had a good few chats with him on Facebook Messenger and although he's a man of very few words wish him all said best. We've joked together about how he kept Ronaldo and Messi from scoring against Iceland at World Cup. He found it quite funny that one couldn't stop a mediocre striker or two doing same in SPFL though.
  10. Big Al, if 2020 taught one anything about the human race it is not to give a toss what anybody does think regarding me and my life as always been said source where our unhappiness is concerned. Personally speaking we believe despite quality you say lacks I made some pretty good job given tools possessed but then as we keep saying just because Lee shall support same football team don't mean we'll necessarily get on with fellow fans. I'm not offended. Genius like us does know who I am.
  11. I just wondered could we get a wee bit of feedback for a video we've done tonight to try and take mind off fact I'm alone in said flat on Hogmany. Couldn't add file as apparently too big but here is Facebook link. https://www.facebook.com/seebass.seymour/videos/10158768646459098
  12. Stella Tennant before she sadly passed away two days ago had lived in same town as me Duns for a number of years. I nearly got her on my radio show 2012 with the help of Pat Nevin who lives literally thirty seconds from one also. However her management team claimed at time she was a deeply private person who didn't do any sort of press outside her work. Only wanted her to come on and play some of her favourite tunes. Not sure if she ever got to know about my request. Last year however when approaching our local fishmonger front door I let this female go in shop before us as bot
  13. Just before I ask the question why the above name hasn't yet forced his way into first team picture was just thinking if you took Rangers results out of equation as I always expect us to lose to them we've only lost once to Motherwell in sixteen matches. Yes we should maybe collecting maximum points away to Hamilton Academical and St.Mirren but draws away to Dundee United and Motherwell plus Home to Celtic as well as ten victories isn't too bad a showing after whole Covid-19/Covid 8 scandal right????? Personally think only losing on road at Ibrox so far is down to no crowds. I'm not su
  14. Was looking back at the 2007-08 Season earlier. It always makes me cringe and smile in equal measure given the adventure we had in Europe which was kind of cancelled out by losing to Q.O.S. in Scottish Cup Semi-Final and being embarrassed by Dundee United in League Cup Semi-Final which I attended. Can't be too disappointed with opening day loss to Dundee United as what happened afterwards inspired my favourite piece of writing and gave one his best experience in life so far. But then we also blew a 3-1 lead at Easter Road (was there too) and met a fellow Dandy who has since becom
  15. Did I read something somewhere recently which said because Scotland had qualified for Euro 2020 and Rangers performing so well last three years of Europa League that the nation would get FIVE PLACES in Europe next season or certainly campaign after that anyway?????
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