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  1. Snapper

    Celeb Deaths

    Monkey on 2pts too, from July last year; www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-14091004
  2. Snapper

    Celeb Deaths

    type their names into google ye lazy radge! Bill Tarney's also died. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-20270904 pont for Slim
  3. Snapper

    Celeb Deaths

    Ruby Muhammad (March 20, 1907 – March 2, 2011) was an American religious figure known as the "Mother of the Nation of Islam." Dolores Hope, DC*SG (May 27, 1909 – September 19, 2011) was an American singer, philanthropist and wife of actor/comedian Bob Hope.
  4. Snapper

    Celeb Deaths

    Ajja should also be on 2 points too. Shoddy work FJ!
  5. 114 - Harcus 70 69 68- Madbadteacher 67 - dave_min 66 65 64 - glasgow sheep 63 - Kowalski 62 Tlg1903 61 - tmwtm 60 Manc_don 59 - Penfold 58 - Maverick Sheep 57 - Stewart 56 - GD 55 - Ptayles 54- Mentorred 53 - DandyDon96 52 One Bobby Clark 51-Octavion 50 - topcorner 49 - wee toon red 48 - BigAl 47 - mizer 46 - Jute 45 - BobbyBiscuit 44 - Tyrant 43 - Azteca1903 42 - Jmo 41 - Snapper 40 39 38 37 36 35 34 33 32 31 30 29 28 27 26 25 24 23 22 21 20 Hope I don't win
  6. Snapper

    Celeb Deaths

    They tried to make her go to rehab but she said no no no. Silly girl!
  7. Snapper

    Celeb Deaths

    Col Gadaffi already taken. No-one had Henry Cooper but more surprisingly no-one had Osama Bin Laden. Eddie Turnbull too - point for someone.
  8. Would take more than discounting the tickets to get most fans back. I doubt I'd go even if it was free.
  9. Snapper


    Can definitely vouch for this, went to see him at the SECC at the weekend and fuck me he was poor. 1st half was embarrassing, audience shouting out the punchlines etc, went off for a 40 minute interval after being on stage for 35 minutes drivelling on about going to the dentist repeating "what's all that about?". Second half was just a re-hash of his old stuff that we've all seen before, before a 'finale' of him playing air guitar with a shovel to Queen's we are the champions. As he would say "what the fuck's all that about?" Woeful stuff and a bloody rip-off at £35 a ticket.
  10. think I've found CtS's real name.... http://www.amazon.co.uk/review/R13C48LVB2KTVM/ref=cm_cr_dp_cmt?ie=UTF8&ASIN=1905102038&nodeID=266239&tag=&linkCode=#wasThisHelpful
  11. Snapper

    Celeb Deaths

    http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-12342913 another one slips through the net
  12. Snapper


    I'm going to Vegas at the end of April and have been looking at the helicopter tours, then leaned towards hiring a car instead. Hate being restricted to times - this spoiled a trip to Niagra falls when traffic caused us to be delayed by a couple of hours but we had to stick to the return time. I'll have a look at the Jeep tour though, cheers for the heads up.
  13. it was still hailed as a success though for the first 10-15 years having 4 separate teams winning the title (could have been 5 if one of the teams didn't bottle it on the last day). The whole reason was to increase the quality by getting rid of the 6 lowest diddy teams so that the old-firm wouldn't have it so easy. However the last 15 years has seen it revert back to same two horse race due to the increased finances that Champions league football brought, along with them getting the lion's share of any TV money. 16 teams will only make the 3rd place - 16th place more competitive. All it does for me is increase the number of games that I wouldn't want to go and see. Don't know what the ideal solution would be, maybe the old-firm fucking off to England leaving the rest of us with a competitive league until someone else starts to dominate
  14. Stoney, I'd assume the same goes for Hartley, Jamie Smith, McNamara, Joe Miller, Charlie Nick and all the other ex-Celtic players that should never have been allowed to pull on an Aberdeen jersey. Why stop there, what about ex-Hearts players or Dundee Utd? Aren't they our rivals too?
  15. There was a Killie game that got abandoned due to a power cut a few years back - it was baltic that night. Coldest probably Blackburn v Man City about 15 years ago, -9°C
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