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  1. Interesting view point above. I don't see it at all as embarrassing. It is an incredible achievement for anyone outside the old firm to win a trophy given the investment in their teams over the last 30 years. Our league is no different to England, Spain or Germany in that a provincial side winning something nowadays is becoming rarer and rarer. If you look at England, only 4 of their non "big six" teams have won their league cup in the last 20 years and their FA Cup is even worse with only 2 of the provincial sides winning it. That is 6 trophies out of 40. The gulf in cash between
  2. I don't think you will see Steve Clarke at Parkhead. He hates the sectarian nature of Glasgow so cannot see him ending up there. Would imagine they will want to get their fans back on side and therefore will end up with an old head beside a former player, someone who can take over from him in a couple of years like a Larsson or Maloney. Martin O'Neill alongside Roy Keane would also be worth a bet.
  3. Would be surprised if we could afford this guy if the Celtic/Rangers interest is to be believed. You have to remember we have just had to offload McKenna, Cosgrove, Wright and Main and loaned out Anderson, Ojo and Hernandez. With no crowds likely until next season I would suspect the finances are pretty desperate at the moment as will be the case with most clubs. Think I am also right in saying that a number of players deferred wages last year so that will need to get paid as well, certainly Jonny Hayes did.
  4. It would be madness to get rid of the manager. Most will admit that we are unlikely to ever see another non old firm winner of the league. Therefore realistically we are playing for third place each season unless something changes massively in how the prize money and tv money are split in this country. Football has never been the same since 1995 when the Bosman ruling came in. Money now determines how successful you can be. That happened 19 seasons before McInnes was appointed and in those 19 seasons we managed 2 third place finishes. On the flip side, there is really very li
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