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Next Match: Aberdeen v Hamilton

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  1. The dictionary definition of rhetorical
  2. If we’re say 8 points off Hibs (quite possible) at the split, maybe cut ties then & give a new manager a chance to see what he might want?
  3. Lennon isn’t walking away from £1m pay off though, or is he? Not sure of his contractual situation. If I was DM, no chance I’d walk unless I was paid up.
  4. Definitely... but won’t happen in view of other interest. I’m sure I read the Tims had invited him to train with them.
  5. “Scotland rugby” is full of English, New Zealand, Australian & South African born players. We can even pick players that have lived here for a mere 3 years even if they have zero Scottish blood in their ancestry.
  6. I agree. Suggested we “get it forward in behind them” many times.. ie hoof it. There were other tit bits all afternoon that belonged to a bygone era........ A bit like Dave McDermid & Andrew Shinie I suppose.
  7. Played in 40mph winds. Mind you, it’s not as if we play decent football in benign conditions. I have a feeling we’ll score tomorrow... Maybe sneak an almighty shitty 1-0. 1-0 Hornby (38 mins).
  8. It’s YOU that’s crazy... Hendry to score?
  9. And you forgot to add been a disaster at his last few jobs. And he’s as thick as pig shite... and he’s an “Old Firm sycophant” who’d be in the “going for 3rd” camp.
  10. Dreading it. Back to the horrible old days of damage limitation, given how utterly inept we’ve been in 2021. Tims dramatically improved in the last month as well. 3-0 the filth
  11. There will be even more uproar when Atlanta foist Stephen Glass on us as our new head coach in the summer.
  12. He’s still not good enough for Aberdeen.
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