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Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Tony Watt
« Last post by kiriakovisthenewstrachan on Today at 01:31:59 PM »
I'd be willing to give him a shot based on how shite most of our forward players have been this season.
Just checked the stats on our star man Nicky for this season.

In fairness to the guy, in terms of minutes played he has only had just over six and a half games of fitba this season although it has been spread over 24 appearances.  Must be difficult to come into a new club when your time on the pitch is so limited each time you put the shirt on.

There have been far better players that have taken longer than six games to get on the scoresheet.  Just saying.  ;D

Hope at some point they bring back the checked type look that the JVC shirt used to have back in the Charlie Nic days.  Loved that one as a bairn.

Also liked the navy and gold vertical striped away shirt - think that one was when Abtrust was the sponsor.

Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Aberdeen's kit - have your say
« Last post by donsdaft on Today at 01:14:21 PM »
Nae buying it for me obviously but certainly nae buying it at a' if it's blue.

red and red

white and black
Off Topic / Re: Can Men And Women Just Be Friends??
« Last post by Madbadteacher on Today at 01:04:35 PM »
The situation is ongoing in a positive direction :wave:
In addition, to Edminston house and the albion car park, Close Brothers now have a charge over the stadium PA system, the large stadium screens, stadium catering equipment and stadium wifi equipment.
The total security pledged against the 3m loan now stands at slightly over 5.5m in assets. Sevco are paying 4% more than Close's standard onerous loan terms.

King's statement on how much money they have seems to be slightly in doubt.  :laughing:

Off Topic / Re: Can Men And Women Just Be Friends??
« Last post by Tyrant on Today at 10:38:21 AM »
A gentleman does not kiss and tell!

I'll fuckin ban ye. Get it telt.
Off Topic / Re: Winter Olympics
« Last post by Tyrant on Today at 10:34:06 AM »
Watched highlights (I think?) of the Womens Ice Hokey gold medal match between the USA of America and Canadia. Went to a shootout which the Yanks won for the first time since 94. Exciting stuff. 
Aberdeen Football Club / Re: Tony Watt
« Last post by RicoS321 on Today at 10:29:08 AM »
boy should stick to his film website RottenTonyWatto's or whatever it's called.

To be fair, I think that shows a level of self awareness/deprecation and he comes across as quite a down to earth guy on his youtube (I've just watched a few in the last couple of games). He doesn't strike me as the brightest guy, but he looks like he's trying to improve himself off the park and that can only bode well. Good luck to him.
Football Chat / Re: Referree Sponsorship
« Last post by donsdaft on Today at 10:19:44 AM »
I did have a local referree wearing them the other morning.
He didn't seem too keen on any publicity though  ???
Football Chat / Re: Referree Sponsorship
« Last post by Ten Caat on Today at 10:12:16 AM »
Prescripshun lenses
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