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Brewster's Millions

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Former Dundee Utd boss Brewster added: "I can stay on next season here, but I'm not the type to draw a salary unless I feel I can justify it.


"So I'll make a decision shortly on what to do next."


So are we to see in the remainder of the season what Brewster really has in his locker?


Me is thinking we've seen the lot.  Would not be hugely disappointed if he takes the Livi job.  I'm sure he's a good guy to have around the dressing room for the other players - but he instantiates more madness than usual from our beloved tanned one when he's given a starting slot ahead of Lovell.

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What is it with that magic FOUR-OH that seems to attract Aberdeen FC to old players?


We boast all the time about the youthfulness of our squad. Then we go and sign folk who have seen all their classmates retire many moons ago. Examples? Leighton, Kjaer, Brewster. How old was Whelan?


I ain't dissing their ability, as these examples have all had apparent ability over and above most of our younger players. But why do we seem to have a real knack of upsetting the youthful applecart with foaggies (sp?) ?

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I may be wrong but was Whelan not only 29?


Old goalkeepers are not bad - I think it has been proven time and time again that keepers seem to just get better with age.  Oh what I'd give for a Kjaer or a Leighton right now.

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