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What a bunch of cunts they are!


Wife said she fancied going to see Emile Sande in A/deen later this month so i goes and buys tickets. Then she informs me we've got something else the same night.... not TMs fauly, i know.


To cut a long story short, website t's&c's - writes letter within 14 days - receives email saying to phone to 'exchange tickets' - phones but only possible to get automated shit! - writes second shitagram - receives shitagram back telling me i wasn't getting to get a refund - lists tickets on GetMeIn willing to take the loss of one ticket - wife sells tickets to friends - try to get on GetMeIn to removing listing but it won't recognise my account, but i can see my tickets there for the number off and price set so they are defo listed. And of course it's fucking impossible to contact the cunts unless by written letter, which is a bit awkward 100 miles offshore Nigeria. Guaranteed someone will try and buy them off GetMeIn and i won't have them!


On top of being impossible to deal with and or contact, their prices are ridiculously high, there's add ons left right and centre and if it's a high demand gig their website is a royal pain in the arse. They're just cunts!


That's the rant over for now.

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They're not called Ticket Bastard for nothing.


Started off as a normal ticket agency years ago charging a quid per transaction (not per ticket as it rose to and then some), now absolute cunts. But it's certain greedy bastards in the music industry that have allowed this to happen over the years.


Thankfully i don't like any of the shite bands/solo acts that would be targeted by Ticket Bastard for this sort of thing, as you have 1903....  ;)



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