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They SHould Be Greatful They Have a Job

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It's a bit HR-y for me like. I think it ignores an important point. I work for quite a few companies who've all done their restructuring. The common theme is not that the employees don't like the new strategy, it's that there is no strategy. Management is so far removed from the work being done that the only strategy is: "lose headcount" and "pay less". That gets passed down to a middle management, who've been promoted to their role to prevent them doing damage in a role that required them to actual work. They simply don't have the ability to suggest meaningful change, so there's usually a powerpoint re-org and then a heap of work thrown onto those who keep the place running. I'm constantly surprised how companies are strategically inept, and make no attempt to go through a process of constant change. Departments are allowed to grow exponentially with massively decreasing returns and increasing inefficiency. Empires are built and processes consistently over-complicated. More and more layers appear between CEO and product. It's exactly the opposite of how a company should be run, but it's rewarded internally and at investor level. It's weird phenomenon where growing your cost base is seen as successful. My non-oil industry experience is quite limited, but I don't believe it is just an oil industry thing (it definitely is an oil industry thing though).

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Great blog post in fairness, I see this echoed at my work, both the attitude and corporate mentality.


Aye I can see a lot of this going on at my work too. After a long drawn out redundancy process that had lasted the best part of 6 months it's obviously taken it's toll on morale and that's just the folk that were "spared".


In fairness to the company they're trying things like workforce engagement schemes to see how morale could be improved but after months of constant stress, the fear of losing your job and the knock on effects such as worrying about losing your house etc it's not something that can be fixed easily.  It's something I don't think I'll manage to get over any time soon, having such a close call and it dragging on for so long really took its toll on both morale and confidence and I genuinely wouldn't wish it on anyone.


I'm not sure about other companies but I know for a fact this latest redundancy process at my work has left some real bad feeling with the workforce, especially given it was made clear to be about workload rather than the need to urgently cut costs. Folk will jump ship as soon as things pick up as any loyalty has been used up. Incredibly there are rumours that there's been much more work coming in since the start of the year than expected and we'll need to recruit to cope already, crazy given it's barely been a month since the whole process finished, it seems remarkably short sighted (and I was sure there was a minimum period they had to wait before replacing roles made redundant  ???)


I also definitely relate to the points about the complete lack of progression and training happening nowadays, it's another reason that morale seems to be at an all time low and I can't see how it can continue like that for long.


Completely agree with rico's point about the lack of strategy too, some of the restructuring has made no sense what so ever and to the workforce it looks like it's only further bloating middle management structures at the expense of the people actually doing the work.


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It's a shame when people get fucked over by other people. It was ever thus. But what you gonna do? Moan about it? The people fucking over people have more power/authority/status than the people they fuck. Doesn't make them better or cleverer. Most of the middle managers are useless arse-lickers who's only apparent skill is to suck cock. I would re-evaluate your own life if a total arse can impact on your bottom line.

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Some very good points made on this thread. I have had a few jobs since being made redundant last year and every place I have went is usually suffering from morale problems due to cack handed redundancy programmes, mostly based on very short sighted plans of those in charge. It is quite strange that in the oil industry we have seen huge job losses, but I have hardly seen much managers lose their jobs, in fact I have seen more managerial roles created.


I know of some companies stuggling to fill roles they chopped less than a year ago, mental really.

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