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Hey Malaga min


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Aye it's a disgrace.


Folk just put up with it.



Someone told me the other day that they were at an airport down south where they charged a tenner to go through security.


Not that you had the option to not go through security.


Sounds like bollocks. Can't see how they could justify that

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Nah, there were a couple of people in the shop at the same time and they were agreeing.


The smaller airports, I think Norwich and maybe Bristol were mentioned.


If they get away with it then I can see them trying to extend it.


I suppose they'll say that the charges are hidden in the airfare just now.



Bunch o' bastards, if folk would only stand up to this sort of thing they wouldn't get away with it.

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Trip into Pittodrie yesterday, by feck am gan hame with half the club shop. Loons will be the smartest loons on the costa del sol with their new Aberdeen school bags!


Was short notice trip in but tried to get hold o Buc for a coffee, and was going to tell him to get hold o u DD for a meet up. But it was a last minute thing as i didnt think i was getting hud o a car, Sorry Buc min. Maybe get a catch up when you head to Spain for your holidays  :thumbsup:



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Nae bother min.

wouldnae have been able to make it anyway.

Working Monday, Tuesday then off to Budapest on Wednesday morning.


Testing today but it's fuckin dead.


Anyone fancy their eyes examined?


I've still got to pay the optician even if she's just drinking coffee


Where u flying from and fit time?

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Christ I was joking about the key but having been stranded in their stupid corridor for 10 minutes while they remembered to eventually open 2 separate doors it's beyond a joke.


At least I got a chance to see a plaque which announced that it's not a corridor but an " international walkway "


Only Dyce airport could have an official opening of a fuckin corridor


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I spent my early teenage years in Dyce so I remember when the airport actually was in Dyce.


It was just a jumped up portacabin then.

Now it's a few portacabins joined together.





I don't expect it to be a Frankfurt or a schipol but couldn't it aspire to being half a Munich?

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