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Slightly different one today.




Eastern Euro on this morning selling her cherry to pay for her rents house in Backofnowherestan




If you had is spare and kicking about would you or would you not buy her cherry for the £1m required?


I'd hit it but I'm not paying for it. Better looking ladies in the red wondows in dam which wouldnt get my money and they are a lot cheaper.



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Obviously i'd shag it, i could even see me paying for it due to her cherry being involved. It's been a while since i've had one of them. But a million quid?!?! Even if i had it spare, i'd still be aware enough of the shiny side of a penny nae to be spending that sort of dough!


But i'm in total agreement with GB regarding Holly.... OOOF! I'd do whatever it takes to get a swatch at her patch.

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