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Enjoying a dram


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Is it when you hit a certain age you become very happy to slip on the slippers, pour a dram of your choice, and make yerself comfy on the sofa and sit with a movie on or come on here and post shite?


Before, we never had drink in the hoose, only for a party or BBQ and first chance of a few pints out somewhere i was out the door like a shot! Now i canna be arsed! And has been for a while


Funny thing now is am very happy to head out with the wife for a night out,


(Maybe should of posted this in getting older thread)



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Canna really answer this Malaga , drink at home far too much , , love a night out , but as we get older the more we drink at home.try to keep it to a minimum school nights,

Having said that I'm lucky enough to run the company box in the main stand at Pitodrie ,could get pissed most home games ,but very rearly touch it choosing to drive  ::) ::)

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Got to admit that once i have had enough am ready for ma bed! And maybe thats why i like a dram in the hoose, ma bed is only a few steps away!

Going out and i have had enough i would sleep anywhere! And thats no good!

Could tell a few stories o my sleeping habits  :frown:


Absolutely me to  ,, my mates tell me when I'm boozy  I could sleep when I'm swimming

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Absolutely me to my mates tell me when I'm boozy  I could sleep when I'm swimming


Haha, me too!


Last year i went out with the fitba lads for a xmas meal and drams in Fuengirola, had a great meal and then on to a pub crawl, final stop was a Irish bar called Pogues for live music, as it was gettin on a knew i needed home so i thought right time to go, went outside and started walking for a taxi, it started to rain, so i took shelter in this outdoor food place that had a roofed area with a few seats still out! So sat doon! Night fucking night Malaga!

2 hours later i woke up and some bastard nicked my fucking shoes!



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Shoes ffs


Wallet, phone , watch  jewellery but shoes.

Dirty Spanish bastards


Dont wear a watch,

Learned a lesson with going out with my phone, that stays at home

Wallet, no chance they could get that as my fat erse was sleeping on it!

When i finally got hame and had to ring the doorbell for the wife to get up and answer! The look was not good and the words "what the Fuck"

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Nae one for the sleeping but " my ain bed" calls at a certain time.


Nobody ever worried if donsdaft just disapeared.


Took a taxi hame fae Elgin twice, twice mind, even though I was staying at a hotel in Elgin at the time.


The second time I was at a wedding with the future Mrs Donsdaft 2


I remember waking up in my own bed in Aberdeen, that minute when to try to piece together the evening before, then noooooooo


It was a fairly sheepish donsdaft that met her off the Inverness train that afternoon.

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Ohh i like a sleep fan i have had a few


Weekend stagger in Prague,good few years ago, came across a fine establishment, took a venture in and got cozy with one of the workers, up stairs for a shower and she asked if there was anything i would like her to wear? Aye a yank police outfit and high heels, ok she said, you want viagra, aye why not!

Take this and lay on the bed naked till i get ready!

Only thing that got stiff was my eye lids shut!

Two big burly bouncer made sure they woke me up! Throwing me out the back door naked! In broad daylight!

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