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Russell Anderson Podcast

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Blatant spamming this, apologies if it breaks any board rules, but you can listen to the first part of our interview with Russell Anderson here:




Alternatively you can find us on iTunes/other podcast apps. Just search for 'bytheminAFC'


If you give it a listen, let us know what you think

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I was there at Russell's debut. I loved what I saw. He just never got near Miller and McLeish.


The big question is why not?


Because he was methodical and boring, devoid of passion.


If he had half the attitude of them, he could've been twice the player.


He never released himself. Possibly an upbringing issue. Definitely a personality issue.

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I used to listen to them a lot last season, generally enjoyed them.


I've always loved Kamara though Tyrant!



Nae him.. there's a boy that sits and speaks all mousey-like and can barely string a sentence together. I'll kick myself when I hear his name. He's nae mentioned here:



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