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Roll On Thursday

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Totally agree! This will probably be one of the worst birthday's i've witnessed (not being in Bayern) but then come march, I get to have a flying lesson.. Whoop whoop  :thumbsup: The sooner feb is over the better! Still, I'm looking forward to seeing some world class players grace the Pittodrie pitch.

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Its all part of the plan to win the UEFA cup


Whenever a scout comes over play absolute pish get hammered and hope the opposition get lulled into a very false sence of security and then hopefully sneak a 1 win.


If Bayern line up with only 7 players a fan and the mascot on the bench then it will have worked


we will still get beat though


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It'll be interesting to see how the players react on Thursday.


The difference between Thursday and every other game at Pittodrie is nobody really expects us to win.  The players should go out and get stuck in, give it absolutely everything, enjoy it, and see where we end up. 

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