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Chris Crighton in the P&J

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Squashed into a tiny space barely big enough to move, no natural sunlight, and absolutely nothing to stimulate or entertain before the eventual slaughter. If Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall had ever sat in the Jerry Kerr Stand watching Aberdeen, he wouldn't be so bothered about those chickens.


Chicken is one of many words that could be used to describe this gruesome Dons display. Utterly heartless, completely devoid of even the most basic skill, thoroughly stupid, and those are the least unpleasant ones.


Jamie Langfield's patchy kicking has always threatened to cost the team a goal and the asinine opener signaled game over as his outfield teammates couldn't even trap a ball let alone get a shot on target. Even when presented with a penalty - rookie keepers don't have the nerve to stand their ground and be made to look silly. A second goal did not flatter a vastly superior United and the third, inevitable from the second the whistle blew for the free kick, put the dunce caps firmly on the Dons' heads.


Barry Robson will have been one of many Ronaldo impersonators to smash daisy-cutters under defensive walls this weekend; the bamboozled Aberdeen players clearly didn't watch Match Of The Day.


If his latest capture is any indication, Jimmy Calderwood's signing criteria seems to have become 'local and out of contract', so we can expect to see Annie Lennox joining up before the window closes. Steve Lovell already thinks he's a pop star, so the Dons may as well have a real one.


Sweet dreams are assuredly not made of this dross. Aber-deen have overachieved under Calderwood and players capable of serving up garbage like Saturday are not up to pushing the club to the next level. Jimmy has 10 days left to put his money where his mouth has been and if he fails he will, like the wasteful Nicholson, have unforgivably missed a golden opportunity.

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Wow, quite an article.


Don't agree with the lack of talent and overachieving as I feel we have got some pretty capable players in Foster, Hart, Seve, Smith, Nicholson, Miller, and Lovell (dare I say.) Diamond, Considine, and Aluko are young but should progress into good players with the right guidance and coaching. However, we aren't playing well and haven't for quite a while, and appear to lack the drive and motivation in recent games which suggests something is wrong.


In terms of the signings, you do have to question JC but also the board. Mair isn't good enough and Young is a squad player at best, but you have to give Duff a chance before judging. However, are we seeing any transfer money or is all the recent transfer and Euro income servicing the debt? You cannot expect JC to sign good players if he has little or nothing to offer.

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Guest Shabba Ranks

I did too but doesn't appear to be working any more given the dross of recent weeks ???


So he's no longer motivating the side, and we know he's a useless tactician*, so what does he offer us?!?








*DISCLAIMER - Not my opinion

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The beauty of football is that we all have our opinions and are entitled to them. Having been a dons fan for nearly 30 years and having flown over 4000 miles to see them play before I've seen the highs and the lows of the club, and have seen some quality football from the team and some complete crap. Having an opinion doesn't make anyone more or less of a fan and doesn't make us more or less deserving. The pub would be a hell of a boring place if we all agreed with everything and have the same opinions.


I give my thought out opinions and my reasons why. I don't agree with some peoples posts and some don't make logical or coherent cases or points; some are just blatant abuse and insults. Some are great and some funny. However, regardless of my point of view, I'll cheer on the team regardless and I've never hurled abuse at one player or manager during a game as that doesn't help the team and performance. I wish JC all the luck and success now as the dons manager and wherever he goes in the future as he is a likeable guy who tries his best (regardless of whether I think he is capable or not.) I hope we are successful in every game we play but I am still open minded enough to look at the bigger picture.

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